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3 Advantages of Personal Injury Case Management Software

If your personal injury (PI) practice has been in business for a while, you may already be familiar with technology tools like case management software for law firms that can make managing cases and clients far easier than doing so without the help of technology. What you may not realize is that there are some types of case management platforms that are created specifically for PI cases.

Most case management platforms are made for any type of legal claim. Software like this is ideal for firms that practice personal injury law in addition to criminal defense or family law, for example. What many PI lawyers find, however, is that these generalized types of software do not always have specific tools that are ideal for managing complex personal injury cases.

Here are three advantages of personal injury case management software:

Medical Documentation Options

One of the most important pieces of evidence you’ll need in any personal injury case is a medical documentation. Personal injury case management software lets you easily import medical documents and pull information from those documents when compiling evidence reports and more.

Some programs even let you import medical records within the software’s interface. Case Pacer is one such example. It’s integrated with a program called Express Medical Records that can be used to import the records you need without any hassle.

Mass Tort Capabilities

Mass tort cases are making more news headlines than ever, and it’s a perfect time to take part in these cases as a personal injury firm. Most PI case management platforms let you fill out mass tort documentation with ease for every client you have. By using the data already plugged into the software, you can have multiple claims ready to go in less time than you may think.

Tasks and Workflows Designed for Personal Injury Cases

When you manage a personal injury case within a platform maximized for PI claims, you can immediately tell the difference. Management software that’s created for personal injury cases creates workflows and task lists specifically designed for PI claims by default. This can make filing new cases incredibly easy as well as the process of getting new lawyers or paralegals acclimated to the software.

In addition, with a partial A.I.-based system like the system Case Pacer uses, you can set up task lists and reminders (these are referred to as “ticklers” in Case Pacer) that are designed by default for the steps and processes of personal injury cases. When using Case Pacer, the system will use partial A.I. elements to know what steps and processes are needed next and when something may be missing. This makes the learning curve exceptionally simple.

To experience the advantages of using personal injury case management software over generalized legal platforms, get in touch with a representative from Case Pacer today. We can show you a live demo of the software and answer any questions you may have. Whether you’re new to legal practice software or a seasoned pro, you’ll notice the advantages right away. Contact us to learn more.