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3 Ways to Help Your Law Firm Get Quality Leads

Every law firm looking to grow wants one thing more than anything else—potential client leads. Leads translate to clients which translate into cases and firm-wide successes. Client leads can also turn into referrals which in turn translate into more potential clients.

If your practice is like most law firms, you get most of your client leads through referrals as well as through your website/and or telephone intake. Some of these leads will be quality leads and translate into new clients while others will be not-so-quality and fizzle out. To gain more actual clients and cases, you want quality leads.

One question remains: How do you get quality leads? Here are three tips:

  1. Go the extra mile with potential leads

When following up with potential client leads, remember that the person you’re speaking with is a human being who’s going through a rough patch and needs financial assistance, but also comfort. If your law firm is willing to go the extra mile and provide legal assistance but also compassion, respect, dignity, and comfort, and you’ll soon see quality referrals trickling in as potential clients suggest your firm to friends and family members in need of legal services.

  1. Weed out the bad leads—and remember them for next time

As you’re going through your legal intake and following up with potential leads, keep track of every name, address, email, and telephone number you contact. By using case management software for law firms like Case Pacer that comes with integrated intake capabilities, you can keep track of every potential lead with ease. This lets you weed out the repeat red flags ahead of time—enabling you to spend more time reaching out to quality leads.

  1. Don’t give up too soon

Every now and then you’ll come across a potential client lead whose case seems genuine, but complicated. Your first reaction might be to decline that potential client’s case in hopes of finding a different type of case that’s easier. Our advice? Do more research first. Sometimes the complex, genuine cases are worthwhile. You don’t know when or if that magical case that’s super simple yet also lands your firm a huge settlement will walk across your doorstep.

Spend a little extra time researching that first lead’s case and figuring out if it’s worth your time. Schedule an in-person meeting with that potential client and have a heart-to-heart with them. If their case is genuine, you’ll be able to immediately tell when meeting them in person. With extra investigation time and some great testimony, that potential lead may translate to an extraordinary win.

For more ways to save time performing day-to-day firm management tasks and case management tasks, look no further than Case Pacer. If your firm specializes in plaintiff litigation, Case Pacer can revolutionize the way you handle cases, clients, firm employees, defendants, and client leads, giving you extra time to do what you do best—lead a case to victory. Get in touch to learn more.