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When to Settle and When to Stand Your Ground

Deciding to settle a case rather than go to trial is a decision with many factors.  The strength of your case, financial expense, and time constraints all impact the decision to settle.  But the most important factor in the decision is client satisfaction.  It is likely that the case matters to your client on a deep, personal level, and they probably have very strong feelings about the outcome.  Your job as an attorney is to balance legal realities with client expectation, something that at times can be very difficult to do.

Some clients will choose to settle because they are able to recognize that their case is not necessarily strong enough to go to trial.  A judge or jury’s interpretation is very unpredictable.  They understand the risks that come with a judge or jury decision.  These clients have a realistic understanding that a trial is always a gamble, one they may or may not win.  Settlement for them is the less risky option.

Website Policy: Protecting Your Interests or Theirs?

Advancements in technology have prompted drastic changes in the operation and organization of law offices today.  Attorneys everywhere are realizing the benefits of trading in their cluttered and crowded offices for online, paperless document storage and case management.  Realizing the benefits of technology will improve the functionality of your office and allow you to reach and recruit more clients.  A law firm today can be run almost completely online using well designed websites and case management software like Case Pacer.

With so many new people visiting and using your website, it is important to have a clear and understandable website privacy policy.  Clients share personal and vulnerable information with you.  It is important that they know this information is secure.  Having the right privacy policy in place let’s active and potential clients know that you are concerned about their personal interests and what is best for them.

How Millennials Can Balance Work and Life Challenges

Life is all about time.  It’s a jigsaw puzzle of obligations and desires, and finding enough time to make every piece fit can often be the toughest task.  We wake up every day with a mental list of things we want to do and a list of things we have to do.  More often than not, we run out of time and we leave incomplete the list of things we want to do.

Millennials are the demographic cohort currently ranging in approximate age from 20 years old to 36 years old.  They are arguably the busiest generation because they are at the age to experience many of life’s challenges and big changes.  Getting married, starting a family, buying a first home, and building a career are all milestones and decisions that define the rest of your life.  And millennials are expected to handle all of these milestones simultaneously and still find time to enjoy family and friends.  The expectation is overwhelming and many days there is simply not enough time.

Controlling Your Technology

Transitioning your office from traditional paper to paperless and digital is easy and efficient.  But it is important to make sure there are policies in place to keep all of your important information secure.  Designing an office privacy policy can help make certain that everyone on your staff uses your new technology in a safe and secure way.

Drafting a detailed Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) policy is important for keeping your office secure when your staff uses personal devices to access your office network.  Everyone on your staff must know and understand the policy and why it is necessary.  Staff awareness of security risks and an understanding of the consequences of not following BYOT policy rules are what keeps your office safe.

Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Looking for a new personal injury attorney to join your law firm can be overwhelming.  With such a variety of candidates, it can be difficult to know which applicant is the right fit to join your team.  Traditionally, the field was narrowed first by keeping only those who had the best grades and attended the best schools.  Second, candidates were considered based on who gave the best presentation in a face-to-face interview.  But finding an attorney to join today’s modern law firm requires that you use an adapted hiring approach.

Academics and professionalism will always be important qualities of any personal injury attorney you hire.  But the modern law office demands more.  Technology is the foundation for the law offices of today, and it is equally important that the attorney you hire be familiar and comfortable with the software you use to run your practice.

Does Your Firm Need a Social Media Policy?

Social media has changed the way the world communicates and connects with one another.  It is increasingly important for law firms to embrace social media as a means to communicate with clients and other lawyers.  Used carefully, social media can give your firm a voice, amplify your professional reputation, and help drive new business.

Technology is the key to being relevant in the legal profession today.  More than 75% of law firms now report maintaining some form of social media account for their practice.  Most say they use social media for career development and networking.

Case Management Software Helps Firms Reduce Overhead

Overhead costs are indirect business expenses that are required to run a business.  The money that a law office spends to pay its rent, utilities, administrative salaries, insurance, license fees, database administration, and maintenance are just some of the overhead costs that you may encounter in your legal practice management.  Overhead costs are inevitable, but they can be greatly reduced with the help of case management software like Case Pacer.

Physical storage for all of the paper information and research for every case can get overwhelming and expensive.  It costs money to rent and maintain storage facilities and wastes labor expenses by requiring office staff to spend time organizing, sorting, and retrieving all of the paper files.  Cloud based storage reduces the physical storage space you need to keep all of the information and research associated with each case.

Tips on Becoming a Paperless Office

Paper supplies, ink, and filing storage are a major expense for a law office.  Mountains of paper lead to confusion and clutter.  And time spent filing and organizing documents, then searching to retrieve those documents, is wasted labor.

The idea of going paperless can be overwhelming.  It is difficult to know where to start.  Case Pacer can make it easy for a practice to go paperless.  Using legal case management software like Case Pacer will help your office save, store, search for, and retrieve documents quickly and easily.

Start by making a plan.  Becoming an office free from paper will not happen overnight.  The early goal is to use less paper and drastically reduce the cost associated with using paper.

The Benefits of Becoming a Tech-Savvy Attorney

We’ve talked in the past about how you can help your law firm’s lawyers, paralegals, and other staff members embrace legal mobile technology and become more tech-savvy, but one thing we haven’t discussed a lot in this blog is why. Why is becoming tech-savvy so important? Why does a lawyer need to use a tablet computer or smartphone for managing cases when their desktop computer is only an office away?

It all comes down to efficiency as well as saving time and money. Here are 4 reasons why becoming a tech-savvy attorney can make a larger difference than you may think in your firm’s case completion rate as well as your ability to retain new clients:

How to Get the Most Out of Case Pacer

Like most types of case management software for law firms, Case Pacer is only as good as your law firm makes it. Case Pacer has a wide variety of user friendly features that can make your practice’s day-to-day tasks infinitely easier, but how do you get the most out of those features and the software in general?

Today we have some tips on how you can get the most out of Case Pacer. Let’s dive right in.

Take Advantage of Custom Ticklers

Case Pacer’s tickler feature is extremely simple to use and can help your firm’s attorneys and paralegals take a case all the way from inception to settlement and beyond. Ticklers are automated reminders that intelligently use A.I. technology to help you know what tasks need to be completed and when based on data already in the system.

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