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4 Tips for Improving Law Firm Year-End Reviews

2017 is almost here. For businesses like legal practices, that means you’re likely taking the time to review your firm’s case and task completion data for 2016 and doing a bit of number crunching. Let’s face it—all law firms are looking to improve. A new year is the perfect time to try and make these improvements and increase your overall profit margins. To do that, you’ll first need an extensive year-end review that lets you see the data and see where improvements can be made.

You might be wondering how a law firm can create the type of year-end review that would make it simple to find ways to improve and become more efficient. The good news? We have some tips on how to do just that. Here are 4 tips for improving your law firm’s year-end reviews:

How Lawyers Can Thrive Using Cloud-Based Technology

As our technology becomes faster and increasingly mobile, we, as lawyers, must keep up. If your law firm is using software and storage options that are still office-based or PC-based, it’s time to consider moving to cloud-based software and storage options. Doing so can grant your firm more security, greater flexibility, and increase the speed at which you can complete cases and take care of firm-related tasks.

In short, cloud-based technology can help a legal practice thrive like no other form of technology can. How, you ask? Here’s how:

Cloud-Based Technology is Flexible

If you need to travel or be away from your office for more than a few days, cloud-based options such as case management tools let you work on cases from anywhere—without having to be tied to your office computer. Need to quickly grant new employees access to documents you have stored? No problem. Cloud technology lets you give anyone access simply and easily.

5 Essential Rules for Law Firm Blogging

If you’ve been trying to get the word out about your law firm and increase your website’s traffic, one of the pieces of advice you’ve likely heard is to keep a blog. Keeping a blog for your firm can not only naturally increase website traffic over time, but it can also be a great asset to letting your current clients, past clients, and potential clients know about recent events your firm has taken part in, firm news, and any new cases you’re accepting.

Blogs also help law firm websites seem more personable and approachable. When potential clients are looking for a local law firm, they want to know about the lawyers and paralegals they’re going to be working with. When you feature a blog on your site as well as great info and pictures about your firm, those potential clients get to know the faces behind the name.

Case Pacer Featured in Huffington Post A.I. Article

A couple months back we had the pleasure of discovering that Case Pacer was included in a Huffington Post article about artificial intelligence (A.I.) and how it is a great asset to the legal profession. The article went over some of the ways in which A.I. helps lawyers without them even realizing it.

In the section about Case Pacer, our tickler feature was discussed and how it helps lawyers better manage cases with the help of legal case management software:

3 Reasons Lawyers Need Case Management Software

For lawyers, time equals money. Your law firm’s favorite cases are most likely the ones that are brought to settlement the quickest. The faster you complete cases, the more you can take on. This leads to more successful cases, more clients, and more money. It’s more than win-win. It’s win-win-win.

To best accomplish this goal, your practice needs a few things. You need clients and solid cases, of course, but you also need a way to complete those cases as efficiently as possible. When you spend less time filling out paperwork or flipping through binders of client info, you’re able to spend more work hours speaking with clients and accepting new cases.

A Brief Note to the Case Pacer Family

To the Case Pacer family:

Case Pacer suffered a tragic loss on Thursday, November 3, when its founder Kevin McCarthy and sales representative Casey Speckman died in a car accident after a company event. Kevin brought together a team who share his passion and vision for Case Pacer, but words cannot express the extent to which both Kevin and Casey were loved and will be missed.

Case Pacer will continue to provide and improve on the services and tools that have made it an integral part of your day-to-day legal practice; however, please take a moment to remember Casey and Kevin with us and the energy and joy they brought to this industry and our lives.

Thank you, everyone.

Career Opportunity: Support and Training Specialist

Case Pacer is looking to expand our agile and fast-growing team. If you’re the right fit, we might have a perfect position for you!

Our hands-on Implementation and Client Services team helps our clients use Case Pacer to improve efficiency and accuracy in their firms.

As a Support & Training Specialist you will be an advocate for our clients. You will help them to get the full potential value from our software and our services. They will look to you for assistance and best practices in the use of Case Pacer to improve efficiency in their offices. You will answer calls, emails, solve problems, lead training webinars, and do whatever else is needed to ensure their success.

Career Opportunity: Software Developer

Do you love coding? Then read on because your next career move might be sooner than you think! The Case Pacer team is looking for more brilliant developers to expand our agile and fast-growing team. Your main responsibilities will include developing and implementing for our mobile and web applications. A key part of your responsibilities will also include communicating with engineers, project and operations managers.

Major Case Pacer Update Includes New User Interface

The Case Pacer team aims to provide our clients with the most reliable legal case management software user experience possible. In order to provide you with that experience, we must continually improve Case Pacer by utilizing the best technology tools available.

You may have heard about an upcoming major update we’re working on. We have some great news—It’s almost ready for release! We’ve already talked about one huge, new feature the update will include—the addition of mass tort document creation capabilities—but now it’s time to talk about some of the other features and changes you’ll be seeing soon.

Capabilities for Mass Tort Litigation Documents Coming Soon

If your legal practice handles large mass tort or multi-district cases, there’s a good chance you spend a great deal of time creating multiple versions of the same document. Since Case Pacer is built with plaintiff practices in mind, one of the questions we commonly get refers to Case Pacer’s ability to create multiple documents for mass tort cases. We have some good news for law firms who’ve asked that question- Soon you’ll be able to!

The latest Case Pacer update will make it possible to create mass documents for different recipients. The system will automatically fill in all of the correct information for each recipient then mass print all of the documents with a single click. We couldn’t make mass tort document creation any easier if we tried.

The feature allows any firm with the need to mass produce a single document to do so, ensuring that each and every client’s unique information remains unique. To pull this off, we’ve completely redesigned the layout of the “Create Document” page used for document creation. It now includes only one line per each client unless the user selects the arrow to expand the selection.

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