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Capabilities for Mass Tort Litigation Documents Coming Soon

If your legal practice handles large mass tort or multi-district cases, there’s a good chance you spend a great deal of time creating multiple versions of the same document. Since Case Pacer is built with plaintiff practices in mind, one of the questions we commonly get refers to Case Pacer’s ability to create multiple documents for mass tort cases. We have some good news for law firms who’ve asked that question- Soon you’ll be able to!

The latest Case Pacer update will make it possible to create mass documents for different recipients. The system will automatically fill in all of the correct information for each recipient then mass print all of the documents with a single click. We couldn’t make mass tort document creation any easier if we tried.

The feature allows any firm with the need to mass produce a single document to do so, ensuring that each and every client’s unique information remains unique. To pull this off, we’ve completely redesigned the layout of the “Create Document” page used for document creation. It now includes only one line per each client unless the user selects the arrow to expand the selection.

You can see the new feature in action in the screenshots below:



Once the appropriate document has been selected, Case Pacer will automatically pull all relevant contacts/recipients (e.g., defendants, plaintiffs, or insurance providers, etc.) and auto-propagate their specific information into the appropriate merge fields required to create the mass document.

The new design notifies the user in any event where Case Pacer has never received the information critical to the drafting of the document as to eliminate any opportunity for error or misinformation.


Additionally, in the event your client is a minor or deceased, Case Pacer will prompt the user for information to enter the Guardian or Executor information. This ensures the right person receives the documents on behalf of the client.


Once all of the information is inserted and the mass document has been generated, the user can print all documents with one click. That’s all there is to it.

We don’t have a set release date for the mass tort update just yet, but stay tuned in the next couple weeks for more information about the update as a whole. For more information on Case Pacer, check out all of its features or contact us to schedule a live demo and see how Case Pacer can revolutionize the way your law firm handles legal case management.