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Controlling Your Technology

Transitioning your office from traditional paper to paperless and digital is easy and efficient.  But it is important to make sure there are policies in place to keep all of your important information secure.  Designing an office privacy policy can help make certain that everyone on your staff uses your new technology in a safe and secure way.

Drafting a detailed Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) policy is important for keeping your office secure when your staff uses personal devices to access your office network.  Everyone on your staff must know and understand the policy and why it is necessary.  Staff awareness of security risks and an understanding of the consequences of not following BYOT policy rules are what keeps your office safe.

It is okay to allow staff members to use personal devices while logged in to your office network, as long as it is limited and vulnerable apps that are clearly defined as off-limits are avoided.  Personal devices should be recorded on an office list before they are allowed to be used on the network.  This ensures that you know and approve all personal devices that use your network and helps you recognize when unfamiliar devices are present.

Passwords are key to keeping your office secure.  Use of passwords should be a requirement for anyone to access your office network, software and information.  They should be specific, unique, and changed regularly.

Company data and information should never be stored on an employee personal device.  If documents need to be downloaded and opened on a personal device, they should be deleted as soon as they are no longer being used.  The ability to access and delete downloaded information from a personal device remotely is key to staying secure.

Draft the policy and require everyone on staff to read it and sign it.  Accountability is important for everyone and a feeling of involvement will motivate everyone to make security a team goal.

It is important that your employees understand that this policy is about keeping the office secure and in no way communicates mistrust towards them.  Even the most loyal employee can make an honest mistake and can benefit from having clear guidelines.  The policy is for protection and security of office and client’s confidential information.  If employees understand why strict security rules are necessary, they will not focus on the restrictions.

Modern technology offers valuable tools can benefit every law firm.  Case Pacer is a 100% mobile-friendly, cloud based law firm case management software system that allows you to safely and securely access all of your documents and information from anywhere and on any device.  This technology can completely transform the way you run your office.

Improved staff and client communication, customized case management, and digital file organization and storage are just a few of the benefits of Case Pacer.  Case Pacer is ideal for offices looking to keep their information safe and secure 100% of the time.  For a free demonstration of what Case Pacer can do to protect your office, contact us today!