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Case Management With Customized Workflows

Innovative A.I.

Thanks to the innovative, A.I.-based tickler system, Case Pacer delivers hassle-free case management with customized workflows to help your law firm bring cases to conclusion quickly and consistently. Ticklers are automatic, self-prioritizing reminders, task lists, and workflows within Case Pacer that guide users through the processes and documents necessary to complete legal cases. They can be opened and closed based on whether or not the task or document they’re tied to has been completed. All you need to do is view Case Pacer’s list of open ticklers to see a preview of your firm’s workflow and task list. Breaking down ticklers and viewing them on a case-by-case level lets you gain a specialized workflow view.

Case Pacer's ticker legal software
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Calendar Alerts

In the general ticklers section of the software’s interface, open and closed ticklers can be viewed. A variety of searches can be performed to find specific ticklers. Ticklers can also be viewed for one specific attorney or case or viewed on a firm-wide level. When a user has an upcoming tickler due, they will receive an alert on Case Pacer’s dashboard, alerting them of the upcoming due date. Calendar alerts and custom alerts additionally show on the dashboard.

Simplify Your Daily Tasks

Workflows in Case Pacer can be 100% customized by creating custom ticklers that guide a case all the way from creation to settlement. In this manner, all types of legal cases can be handled with ease within the software. This gives your firm absolute and complete control over how your practice’s attorneys and paralegals work, ensuring Case Pacer works perfectly for you and your firm. With Case Pacer, your law firm can master case management with customized workflows, automatic document creation, and everything you need to simplify your law practice’s day-to-day tasks.

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