Law Firm Document Management Made Easy

For most law firms, document management is one of the most vital features any type of law practice or case management software can offer. Busy attorneys and paralegals complete, process, file, share, and look over dozens of documents on a daily basis. When those documents are easy to find, easy to edit, easy to file, and easy to process, you save your attorneys and paralegals time every day. Precious minutes add up to hours, increasing your firm’s overall productivity.

Case Pacer’s law firm document management system is case-focused, making it easy to find the documents crucial to help every case reach conclusion—even on mobile devices. Every type of legal and court document can be managed within Case Pacer including court orders, pleadings, memos, medical status updates, complaints, deposition responses, discovery and evidence requests, file notes, invoices, claim release letters, preparation letters, thank you letters, legal research documents, and more.

Documents are stored within Case Pacer’s secure, cloud-based document storage system and organized by default under the specific cases they’re needed for. Folders can be created within the individual cases or on a global level. Additionally, all of your firm’s documents can be found in a central location, making it easy to perform global or case-specific searches.

Individual documents can be created from scratch or automatically generated as well as edited, updated, marked as having been signed, and shared. Case Pacer’s unique tickler system makes it simple to set up reminders (called “ticklers”) and to-do tasks that ensure document signing and processing takes place when it needs to. After a document is uploaded into the system and marked as sent or filed, the tickler regarding that document will automatically close, bringing your case to the next requirement or phase seamlessly.

Law firm document management is made simple with Case Pacer. No more juggling emails or third-party storage services to find that one critical case document. In addition to document management and storage solutions, Case Pacer includes features for document retrieval and automated document creation.