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One of the most crucial sets of documents a personal injury or accident attorney needs in order to get a case started is a copy of their client’s medical records. Without medical records, it’s difficult to gain a thorough understanding of how the case will progress or how it will stand up in court. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to obtain a copy of a client’s medical records. Until now. With Case Pacer’s document retrieval software feature, your law practice can obtain the necessary medical records for all of your clients quickly and easily—right over the web. Case Pacer fully integrates with Express Medical Records (EMR), a third-party document retrieval system that safely and securely delivers you the medical records you need to successfully advance your cases.

Medical Document Retrieval
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Fully Integrated

The legal document retrieval process is simple. Within the individual case management section in Case Pacer, all you need to do is go under the documents section and select the appropriate documents once they’ve been uploaded into the system. Thanks to how closely Case Pacer and Express Medical Records are integrated, once a set of medical records is retrieved by EMR, it’s immediately uploaded directly into Case Pacer, ensuring you never have to leave Case Pacer’s interface to receive your records.

Easily Request Records

Requesting medical records is also completely handled within the interface of Case Pacer. Simply enter the hospital or medical institution’s information, upload the HIPAA Compliance Release Form for the client, and the request will go right through. HIPAA forms can be created and filled out within Case Pacer or imported. All medical records are imported into Case Pacer as PDF files. This simplifies the legal document retrieval process significantly and ensures all records can be opened on any type of mobile device.

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