Law Firm Management Software

In addition to Case Pacer’s myriad of features that make legal case management and document management simple and more time efficient than you ever thought possible, Case Pacer gives law firms a few incredibly powerful tools and features that simplify law firm management without all of the cumbersome, difficult-to-learn features most full legal practice management platforms offer.

Here’s a brief summary of some of the law firm management tools and features Case Pacer provides for your firm:

  • Fully-featured legal calendaring system that allows for easy appointment, due date, and event creation.
  • Built-in alert and notification system that appears directly on Case Pacer’s dashboard upon logging in, letting attorneys and paralegals know when due dates are coming up and when open ticklers—Case Pacer’s patented automatic workflows/reminders—need to be taken care of.
  • Built-in client email system that can automatically create appointments and events in Case Pacer’s calendar feature.
  • Document storage and management tools that let staff members access, share, create, and store every type of document your practice needs.
  • A fully-featured metrics and reporting system [link to metrics and reporting] that can generate firm-wide reports, individual case reports, time and date tracking reports, deposition reports, discovery reports, invoices, case and attorney statistics, and much more.
  • Time tracking and cost tracking tools in the form of automatic invoice and report generation.
  • Statute of limitation reports for the entire firm as well as upcoming mediation, arbitration, and trial reports.
  • Full QuickBooks and Sage 50 (Peachtree) integration which allows for easy billing, cost tracking, and employee invoicing.
  • Automatic document creation tools that let attorneys and paralegals create invoices, court and client documentation, custom letterheads, and much more with the help of 100+ customizable templates.

With Case Pacer, your firm essentially removes 90% of the complications most legal practice management platforms bring to the table. Here you’ll find all of the law firm management tools and features you really need—without any of the hassle.