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Legal Calendaring and Scheduling Software

Focus on Current Cases

There are dozens of legal calendaring systems, applications, and solutions out there, but most are either complicated to use or focus on firm-wide tasks and are not tied directly to the individual cases each attorney or paralegal is working on. Case Pacer’s calendaring feature is different. It focuses on the current cases a firm is handling by placing that information clearly up front. Case Pacer’s legal calendaring software features one of the easiest-to-use legal case management calendars available. With built-in color coding, search options, clickable toggles between user-specific events or firm-wide events, customized event labels, and simple drag-and-drop technology that lets you quickly reassign appointments and set up recurring events, Case Pacer’s calendaring software for law firms works at an intuitive level. This gives you the freedom to set up appointments, events, and deadlines with zero hassle.

Legal Calendaring Software Example
Calendaring Software for Law Firms Example

Simple and Intuitive

Given Case Pacer’s focus on individual, plaintiff-based cases, every appointment and event, by default, is set up with the plaintiff’s name in a clear, pronounced location. This information field can be changed and customized at any time and can additionally show the name of the attorney and/or paralegal in charge of the case. Also intuitively, Case Pacer’s calendar is set up to auto-populate when events, appointments, and deadlines are created via email when the messages are sent within Case Pacer’s interface. This lessens the amount of time you need to spend in various programs on a day-to-day basis.

Automatic Alerts

Upcoming appointments, events, ticklers, and deadlines automatically send alerts right to Case Pacer’s front dashboard that’s visible upon logging in. Additional customizable alerts can be created to alert users about appointments and events ahead of time.

With Case Pacer, you’ll never have to sweat over legal calendaring again. All of your law firm management and case management tools are in a central, easy-to-navigate interface.

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