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Case Management Metrics and Reporting

In-depth Reports

A fully-featured legal case management system that’s simple for your attorneys to use is essential for any law firm looking to efficiently manage their cases, but there’s one other feature that’s incredibly useful for invoicing, law firm management, record keeping, case organization, long term planning, and more. That feature is found in Case Pacer, and it’s directly tied to metrics and reporting. Case Pacer’s in-depth reports feature lets legal practices instantly generate a wide array of reports at any time, letting you compile metrics, view case statuses, and look up any detail or set of details about a particular case.

Here’s a list of just a handful of the various types of reports Case Pacer can generate regarding any case, client, attorney, or an entire firm’s case history:

  • Case activity logs
  • Plaintiff/defendant lists
  • Plaintiff/defendant discovery reports
  • Full negotiation reports including the sequence of interactions/offers following an initial demand
  • Case financial logs including case-related expenses, client medical fees/lost wages, and recent demand/counteroffer amounts—can be used for client invoicing
  • Time logs that can be used for time tracking purposes or employee invoicing
  • Deposition schedules
  • Date logs that can be used for viewing upcoming due dates, tickler dates, and appointment dates as well as viewing firm-wide mediation, arbitration, and trial dates
  • Open/closed ticklers
  • Tickler history reports viewable on a firm-wide or attorney-wide level
  • Daily task worksheets and workflows
  • Firm-wide case listings with optional alerts and reminders
  • Complete list of upcoming statute of limitations
  • Case progress/phase reports
  • Attorney contact lists

No More Spreadsheets

In addition to the above report templates, custom report templates can be created or edited at any time. All reports feature multiple search options, unique filters, and full export options for time tracking/invoicing purposes and QuickBooks integration. With Case Pacer, metrics and reporting is no longer something your firm will need to worry about using spreadsheets or spreadsheet programs for. Every bit of data you need—and more—can be found right inside Case Pacer’s interface.

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