Patented Tickler System For Easy Reminders and Workflows

If the heart of your law firm lies in its cases, the heart of Case Pacer can be found within its unique, patented “tickler” system. The tickler system is a self-triggered, artificial intelligence-based system that lets attorneys and paralegals set up and take advantage of fully-automated customized workflows, reminders, and requests that help your practice complete cases faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

Case Pacer’s tickler system springs into action as soon as you open a case, forming priorities and guiding you to a list of requests that ensure your staff members complete tasks and obtain and file the necessary documents in a timely fashion. Once a request is fulfilled, simply close the tickler and the A.I.-based system will move on to the next required task. The entire system works in this manner, guiding your practice through cases with ease—taking them all the way into litigation and settlement.

We derived the term “tickler” from the days when legal practices had manual ticklers—small filing boxes that were used to remind staff members about documents that were almost due, appointments, and tasks that had to be taken care of. Case Pacer’s tickler system works in the same manner by providing alerts when tasks and documents are almost due. These alerts appear on the individual case pages as well as the main dashboard you see upon logging in.

Case Pacer’s patented tickler system was created with plaintiff attorneys and practices in mind, but can be just as beneficial for every other type of legal case. The default ticklers can also be edited at any time, ensuring the system follows your firm’s best practices and established methods.

In addition to the automatically-occurring ticklers that guide attorneys and paralegals to the next task at hand, anyone can easily create custom ticklers within Case Pacer. Ticklers can be set up to remind staff members about appointments, practice-related tasks, certification dates, and more.

In combination with Case Pacer’s Document Creation Wizard, filing court documents and letters at the right time becomes second nature. Ticklers streamline document management and case management for lawyers and law firms like no other type of legal case management software in existence, telling the staff in a law office what needs to be done and when. This keeps your legal cases continually moving forward, advancing toward settlement—keeping you on pace.