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Does Your Firm Need a Social Media Policy?

Social media has changed the way the world communicates and connects with one another.  It is increasingly important for law firms to embrace social media as a means to communicate with clients and other lawyers.  Used carefully, social media can give your firm a voice, amplify your professional reputation, and help drive new business.

Technology is the key to being relevant in the legal profession today.  More than 75% of law firms now report maintaining some form of social media account for their practice.  Most say they use social media for career development and networking.

Other benefits of social media include client development, education and awareness of current events, and case investigation.  Your firm can benefit from technology by embracing social media and using case management software like Case Pacer.  Case Pacer is specifically designed for attorneys and can help your practice maximize the benefits of using modern technology.

Social media presents a whole new world of relevant and easily accessible evidence for attorneys as well.  Claims for client pain and suffering after an accident can be both disputed and validated by client social media posts and profile content.  Maintaining a relationship with your clients online helps you monitor and counsel their social media activity during a case.

Law firms and lawyers who do not use social media are missing out on the many benefits.  Their firm is not capturing client attention or generating interaction with potential new clients.  Most individuals today maintain a social media profile.  Social media allows you to demonstrate your expertise through posts, group discussions, and comments.  Clients can learn a great deal about your firm before they even contact you for help.

It is important to develop a policy for how and what your law firm posts online.  Decide what you want your firm’s style to be, and develop social media content that best represents your firm.  Well designed social media profiles can successfully be used as marketing tools and communicate to interested individuals the core message of your firm.  Keep your profile relevant by developing a schedule to post new content regularly.  As you see results from your profile, you can update your social media policy and tailor your profile to better reach clients and other lawyers in your field.

Law firms that do not join the modern technology movement will not see the rewards.  Case Pacer can help your firm embrace modern technology and transform the way you manage your practice.  Case Pacer will guide your firm on what may be an unfamiliar path, and will help your office become as successful and efficient as it can be.  To learn more about Case Pacer’s case management software or to schedule a free demonstration, contact us today!