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Listservs: Why is it Important to Be Involved?

A listserv is an internet-based discussion group comprised of individual subscribers.  Discussions take place via opt-in and opt-out emails.  Listservs are not a new concept and some consider the concept to be outdated.  Blogs and online forums are other, newer ways to accomplish similar goals.  But many experienced and extremely knowledgeable attorneys continue to use listservs.  It is a great way for attorneys to ask and answer questions and share information with one another.

Attorneys who have recently graduated from school or are new to a city can benefit greatly from using listservs.  They provide an opportunity for attorneys to make new connections with other attorneys in their region or their specific area of practice.  For any attorney making a fresh start, joining a listserv is a great place for communication to begin.

Experienced attorneys can benefit from listservs as well.  Listservs provide a platform for experienced lawyers to share their expertise with the new and up-and-coming attorneys in their field.  It is also a great way for experienced attorneys to stay current.  Young attorneys have a fresh perspective and knowledge of modern practice tools that can be beneficial for keeping a practice updated and efficient.

Listservs use email for communication.  Every discussion post, question, or answer is emailed to all of the subscribers of that listserv.  The drawback is the sheer volume of emails you will receive.  A popular discussion thread can generate as many as 20 emails a day.  This can overwhelm your inbox and sometimes become a distraction.  Maintaining a separate email address that is just for listervs and other similar communication is a suggestion that has helped many dealing with this issue.

Electronic communication is strongly encouraged for every legal office today.  Online forms of communication are much faster and much easier than standard paper and mail.  Transitioning a legal office from paper to digital can seem overwhelming.  But the long-term benefits greatly outweigh the stress involved in making the transition.

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