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Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Looking for a new personal injury attorney to join your law firm can be overwhelming.  With such a variety of candidates, it can be difficult to know which applicant is the right fit to join your team.  Traditionally, the field was narrowed first by keeping only those who had the best grades and attended the best schools.  Second, candidates were considered based on who gave the best presentation in a face-to-face interview.  But finding an attorney to join today’s modern law firm requires that you use an adapted hiring approach.

Academics and professionalism will always be important qualities of any personal injury attorney you hire.  But the modern law office demands more.  Technology is the foundation for the law offices of today, and it is equally important that the attorney you hire be familiar and comfortable with the software you use to run your practice.

Case management software like Case Pacer organizes and handles the needs of the modern law firm using paperless case management, secure cloud storage, and automated document creation.  This capable software can run an entire office completely online.  Many law firms are finding tremendous success with their decision to leave their old practice of paper stacks and endless filing cabinets behind and benefit greatly from the simplicity and efficiency of Case Pacer.

The attorney you hire should embrace the idea of a paperless office.  A paperless office allows information to be more easily shared and available to the entire legal team.  Case Pacer’s cloud storage allows safe access to any document you need for your case from anywhere and on any device.  This creates a stronger team dynamic and allows for better communication and total team involvement.  Case Pacer allows for a well connected legal team and the attorney you choose should feel like a natural addition to your team.

Your new personal injury attorney must support your goal for keeping your office technologically relevant.  They need to embrace all that case management software like Case Pacer can do to help an office succeed.  Look for an attorney who recognizes the value of this software and is comfortable using Case Pacer for all of the work they do in your office.

Attorneys who appreciate the new role that technology plays in the modern law firm worthy of your consideration.  A common goal of moving forward with a mind that is open to change and a willingness to use new technology to help your practice succeed will lead to a happy professional relationship.  Case Pacer can help your modern law office stay organized, connected, and relevant.  For more information or for a free demonstration of how Case Pacer can transform your practice, contact us today.