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Web-Based Case Management Software Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

A Google search for web-based case management software shows that there are a lot of options available, each designed to help lawyers manage their practices more efficiently. At a glance, a lot of these products may look very similar, and many of them might be. Some might look like “one-size-fits-all” software. However, the best case management software is not one-size-fits-all. The best software is designed for your specific area of practice: personal injury.

So what separates personal injury case management software from general case management software?

Ability to handle a large caseload. Even small and solo personal injury firms serve a lot of clients. In order to deliver excellent service to every one of your clients, you need case management software that can handle your firm’s caseload.

Integration with your medical records retrieval company. Medical records are essential to your cases. (Not using a medical records retrieval company? See the top ten reasons your firm needs medical records services.) It does you no good to have case management software that doesn’t integrate with your medical records retrieval services. Whether you’re in your office or working on the go, obtaining medical records from a different source than your case management software will slow you down.

Customized workflows for personal injury cases. With general case management software, you’re likely to spend valuable time up front customizing the product to your practice. But why would you spend that time and effort? Wouldn’t you rather get started right away? With plaintiff-based case management software, you get workflows built for personal injury cases, which you can further customize to your practice.

Document templates for personal injury cases. What else should you get out of the box with personal injury case management software? Your personal injury case management software should come loaded with document templates for personal injury cases. Additionally, it should offer the ability to create new templates.

Reports for personal injury cases. Another feature of personal injury case management software is reports for personal injury cases. And, since every attorney likes to see case data in his or her own way, your software should allow you to create custom reports, too.

Cloud-based. All of the above features make case management software suited for personal injury attorneys, but they won’t serve you well if the software isn’t completely cloud based. You work on the go, so you need case management software that goes with you. Your software should be fully accessible online and on any device. (Learn more about this topic in our post on why you need cloud-based case management software.)

When shopping for web-based case management software, look for a product designed for personal injury practice. But don’t just take a company’s word for it. Make sure their software can handle your caseload; works with a quality medical records retrieval company; delivers the workflows, templates, and reports you require; and is completely cloud based and accessible from any device. That’s the case management software you need to succeed!