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5 Modern Ways to Communicate with your Plaintiffs

  1. Eliminate long phone calls to complete Plaintiff Fact Sheet and Intake. Allow Plaintiffs to provide data over an app.
    • Results: more accurate information as a plaintiff will tend to look up information like medical records than guessing where they were treated
  2. Meet clients on their schedule by communicating via an app
    • Results: happy plaintiff who can respond when it is convenient for them.
  3. Skip email traffic jam. Push notifications via an app.
  4. Follow-up on app to send reminders or new data needed. 
    • As the case develops and new information a request can be sent to an individual or a wide group of plaintiffs.
  5. Capture information from the app direct to CasePacer case management system
    • Results: eliminate transcribing and data entry errors and costs. Hence moving cases forward faster.
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