New Feature Spotlight: CP Link

Easy access to editing documents on CasePacer.  What does CP Link do? Continually uploads your document changes back to CasePacer every time you hit saveAllows you to view and download all previous versions of the document in CasePacerAllows you to save new files to cases without being logged into the CasePacer website What does this mean for you and your firm? You’ll save time and effort by letting CP Link do the heavy lifting for you Keep your document versioning organized and managed properly – no more wondering if you’re working on the right copy of a letter, or if someone overwrote your work. This state-of-the-art functionality is made possible by utilizing AWS for versioning, back-ups, and storage. Our CasePacer Team is always looking for ways to assist you in your efforts. We hope this new addition will be a great new tool to have your team move faster and grow your business.
Press Release

CasePacer Hires Ben Jones as President

Indianapolis, IN CasePacer, a leading provider of legal case management software, today announced that  Ben Jones CPA, CFP®, MBA, has been named as President.  Jones will lead finance as well as sales and operations efforts, leveraging his extensive experience in business and training to find opportunities to provide product value and ease of use through self-service education.  Jones began his career working for Ernst & Young, LLP while also teaching for Becker CPA Review, where he became a highly rated national instructor. Jones then took an international audit position with Tupperware, where he lived and worked in 20 countries and progressed to the position of Financial Director for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Upon returning to the U.S., Jones held several executive roles within large corporations, including VP of Sales and Operations for Becker Professional Education where he played a key role in the unprecedented growth over his seven year tenure.  Jones has been a Subject Matter Expert and Lecturer for Wiley Efficient Learning products which include the CFP®, CFA® and CPA exam review courses. He has helped thousands of students succeed in passing high stakes exams. He will utilize his extensive background as well as his expertise in delivering content to aid CasePacer prospects and clients in accelerating the growth of plaintiff, personal injury, and mass tort firms through the increased efficiency of case management software.  “Ben has an incredible background in growing businesses through sales and marketing, with a rich expertise in training and education of complex systems,” says CEO Tony Petrucciani. “With his guidance, we will aid current clients on how to get the maximum value out of our product and show prospects how our software can make their teams more efficient and their company more profitable.”  CasePacer’s legal case management software is intelligent; automating workflows, simplifying document management, and using patented tickler technology to streamline tasks and continually move cases forward.
To Do List

To Do List – Organize Documents

CasePacer can help you organize your cases in several different areas. Save the stress and weight of paper files and keep all your records in one place and your desk clear of clutter. Make your system more efficient and your workflow process streamlined.  A To-Do List of things to get organized and make this possible:   Documents: Law firms who are organized with their documents and filing processes make it easy for when you are ready to prep for hearings, trials and depositions. Store all your documents in a system using proper naming conventions and subtype. This will help you sort out, deposition documents, exhibits, billing etc.  Evidence: Tracking the evidence you ordered from several different entities can be time consuming and tedious. CasePacer allows you to track it this one place and simply check a box once received. This saves you having to keep separate list of what you ordered, from whom and if you received it.  Medical Records: Keeping track of medical records and medical records summaries just go 10 times easier. Instead of using spreadsheets to summarize and add up billing totals, you can simply enter your data into CasePacer and let it organize the information for you. This leaves less room for error due to complex excel functions or simply not knowing how to use it properly. An automated task/tickler system is also key to increasing To-Do Lists and productivity. Creating your own To-Do List to personalize your firm is a great step forward to integrate your Case Management software. Include your staff for suggestions on how they work and good processes for the entire team. This will help keep your desk clear of unnecessary clutter and your firm moving forward to a more productive and effective practice. 
To Do List

Case Management – A To-Do List for Your Firm

Documents: Case Management can provide you with the ease of creating and storing documents necessary for working your case. You can also sort your documents per case type instead of those pesky tree folders.  For example: sort your transcripts for deposition all under one subtype for one click access.  Evidence: Tracking your incoming and outgoing evidence is easier to catalog. Case management can help you track what you have ordered, what you need and what has been supplemented all in one list with coordinating tasks among team members. No need to track with word documents or excel. Bring it all into one system to help the team stay on the same flow.  Medical Records: Medical records tracking and summaries all in one place. This is a huge relief that is achievable with the proper case management system. You can do your summaries in the system and store your documents there as well with the proper case sort. This takes out extra worksheets, list on a third-party list.  Trial Exhibits: Making your exhibits list and exhibits easily accessible and organized just got simple. In a case management system, you can also sort to have exhibits stored and readily available for trial. With the click of a button and proper data entry trial preparation just go a lot easier.
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5 Modern Ways to Communicate with your Plaintiffs

Eliminate long phone calls to complete Plaintiff Fact Sheet and Intake. Allow Plaintiffs to provide data over an app.Results: more accurate information as a plaintiff will tend to look up information like medical records than guessing where they were treatedMeet clients on their schedule by communicating via an appResults: happy plaintiff who can respond when it is convenient for them.Skip email traffic jam. Push notifications via an app.Follow-up on app to send reminders or new data needed. As the case develops and new information a request can be sent to an individual or a wide group of plaintiffs.Capture information from the app direct to CasePacer case management systemResults: eliminate transcribing and data entry errors and costs. Hence moving cases forward faster.
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Law Firm Organization: Proactive Approach to Success for Your Firm

Standard Operating procedures are a must, also implementing the proper training to include teaching technology to new firm employees or current firm employees to update your process. Here you can find some guidance get started for your firm’s Standard Operating Procedure: Setting your team up for success shows your clients and your employees that you are working to have an effective system. It helps to have a streamline way to work throughout your team that way you can help to fill in when needed or catch up.  You can save minutes of your time with automation of documents and workflows simply by clicking a button that will give you a step by step. No more, “I forgot” no more missed deadlines or wrong names sent out on letters. Entering your data correctly into your technology system will help your firm produce better work product.  When you are all working remotely (or even in one office) it is important to have an organized manner of your File structure and naming conventions.  (For example, using Case Number, Last Name, First Name-Deposition, Date.) Using the same process every time will help your employees be able to be effective and productive no matter where they are working.  Do not wait: the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.Napoleon Hill
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Paralegal – The Law Firm’s True SuperHero

This week is Paralegal Week in several states.  As a former paralegal, I know how hard we work to make sure our attorneys can perform at their best and keep trials as seamless as possible. A paralegal is truly a law firm’s Superhero. They have the top organization skills, are quick on their feet, and always thinking one step ahead of you, before you know what attorneys are needing. CasePacer is the Robin to your Superhero fighting in your office every day. We all know the best sidekicks are partners and there by your side: They can prevent missing SOL dates, calendaring and organizing your firm’s calendars, updating deadlines and adding reminders for your firm.  They reduce the trial prep scramble by organizing documents, cataloging and making lists to create an organized process for your team to work their cases. They are the ones communicating with plaintiffs and creating relationships with your clients. The paralegal knows the plaintiff and their family members by their first name and can help them feel comfortable during often hard times. Lastly, keep attorney’s time free for strategy instead of paperwork. They are doing all the behind- the-scenes dirty work, like summarizing medical records, making extra phone calls to ensure you have the correct police report, records or photos needed for your client’s case. CasePacer can assist and be your paralegal’s sidekick to help your paralegal to perform at their tip top level by assisting with tracking all the above items and more.   When you have a Superhero you want to equip them to ensure success for you and those they are fighting for, so why not give them the Case Management Software to put them and you in that scenario. At CasePacer, we like to think we are partnering with you to win the case and our Customer Success  Team (comprised of Paralegals) are there for you every step of the way.
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Preparing your case with the expectation that it will be tried

Preparation is key to keeping you at your best for a trial big or small. Using the same steps to prepare and organize your case for trial is ready to go whether you settle or go all the way to trial.  Have a litigation game plan, here are few suggestions of what part of your ligation plan should be as well as how to organize your file. Be sure to have an efficient built-in system to keep you organized from the beginning, a few things that helps you stand out from the rest:  Exhibit and Medical Records Organization Have a section where you can organize your medical experts and records to be easily accessible to review and sort in one place. Name conventions along with proper organization of your exhibits will help you stay a step ahead. Be sure to sort your exhibits associated documents with similar names to match up at trial. Thinking of these ahead of time makes it easier when you are pairing everything together for a trial deadline.  Scheduling Orders Scheduling these important deadlines should not be frustrating or tedious. Find a system where you can schedule these all at once along with any added reminders you would like in your workflow. Building a system where you can set workflows based on those deadlines would be the best way to keep your case working towards trial. If dates get changed, it is easier to adjust than starting planning from the beginning. Trial Pleadings You should sort your Trial pleadings, such as jury charge, exhibit, witness list and Motion in limine in sorting your documents using a subcategory or folder such as “trial exhibits” will help you keep the documents that you know you will be using for trial all in one central location.  Having these things organized will help you at trial. Plus, you will keep learning the details as you sort and organize. That way when you get ready to show up and present your case you will look professional and confident. 

Is your technology outdated? The Risk of Outdated Technology

This is an example photo caption There are lots of risk that come with not updating your technology for your firm. Why not invest your time and energy into a new system that will save you time and money? Outdated technology is expensive to maintain. It is common for your system to not be able to maintain the new systems with the update and it will often slow down your whole office. Outdated systems often cause decreased productivity. If you or your staff are having to worry about how to fix the system or the computer. Are they often waiting for IT people or customer service to call them back? This could be time spent on working and keeping up to date with your cases and files. Outdated systems often cause decreased productivity Let’s look more closely at Case Management Software. Old Tech Servers to maintainBackups to runUpdates to installAccess from the office or having to VPN into servers (potential traffic jam of users) Current Tech Cloud-Based- easily accessible to all users from courthouse or office, smooth collaborationAutomatic back-ups in multiple locationsContinual updates without any user interventionAccess from anywhere and anytime with internet access Staying current on technology also means having current functionality Old Tech (or No Tech)- is leaving you behind on excelling in customer service and client thought.Case Management software used to look like fancy Excel SpreadsheetsModern Technology: Organizes the data for you with less margin of errorSoftware is easy to use similar to online shopping – if you can online shop you can learn how to use case management software with an effective workflow, it’s as easy as a few clicks of the button.The power runs in the background with workflows prompting next steps & remindersAutomatically creating documents – no trying to find the correct template or most current language. Keep your template accessible to quickly createAssociating workflow among team members automatically – accountability gets a whole lot easier when it comes to managing the work.Reporting and analytics – If you want to move cases faster, track

Out with the Old in with the New and Modern Technology

Law firms are in need of software  to keep up with the current client’s request for quick responses and thorough consultation.  Finding  a system that meets key needs in one system is a best practice. You should look for one that works for what you need to streamline current processes. 3 Benefits of Modern Technology Document automation Tip: Paper files are a thing of the past, organization on a cloud-based software for people to access at the courthouse, depositions or mediations is what is needed. You want your firm to be quick on their feet and show your clients that you are sharp and the best around. Using document automation from your software allows you to make your necessary changes without the wait. This gives you more time to explain to your client what is going in the order and for a cleaner look.  You can ask you paralegal to start a draft for you while you are in mediation and you can then finish the same draft in the system. No need to email back and forth. Analytics & Productivity Reports Tip: The current case management software has accountability and productivity reports that can help your office stay on track. These come in handy if you switch out roles, should you have a change in staff on your case or new employees jumping in. These reports also provides data for view of the across the firm to make better decisions. This is harder to do with paper reports.Mobility Tip : Mobility is a big requirement for 2020 with work from home. The necessity to access your files from remote locations is now common. on the go is more common. Software that is cloud-based can provide access from laptop, desktop, phone and keep your firm moving cases forward. Law firms are in need of software  to keep up with the current client’s request for quick responses and thorough consultation.  Finding  a system that meets key needs in one system is a best practice. You should look for one that works for what you need to streamline current processes.   Buying Guide Tip:  Software that is specific to your firm’s practice areas will save future time on customization, implementation and training.