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Help your team be more organized and make better decisions faster. 

Never miss a critical event, key step, or information need again.

  • Use templates with merge fields to dynamically create and populate frequently used documents.
  • Access and edit documents on your desktop or on the web using a familiar folder tree structure.
  • Manage all communications, tasks, and documents, and track all expenses and time from case intake to settlement.
  • Check up on the case anytime from anywhere with a single click into the activity log.
  • Any singular change updates instantly across the entire case. No double-entry or conflicting data ensures everyone has the same information at the same time.

You can relax. CasePacer keeps your team on course.

Create a culture of accountability and efficiency with CasePacer’s personalizable automated workflows with tickler technology.

Built to support personal injury, plaintiff, and mass tort law firm best practices, our advanced workflow automation and proprietary tickler technology will help your team anticipate, act, and ensure the right work happens at the right time. And with twenty specialized component workflows, more than one hundred ticklers, and prompt-based personalization built in, it’s easy to create a case management solution specific to the way your firm works.

Align case expenses with your cash flow.

With case-based pricing that offers unlimited users without additional costs and the option to pay when the case is settled, CasePacer uniquely allows you to better align your expenses with the case and those expenses with the case cash flow.

align expenses

Quickly identify and select the best cases for your firm.

Clients are the lifeblood of your practice, and competition for them can be fierce.

Don’t let your ideal clients slip through the cracks. When your firm receives an inquiry, with just a few clicks your team can assign the plaintiff, case type, attorney, paralegal, and lead source. And then our automated workflow will support them as they get to work gathering critical information, proactively engaging with the prospective clients, and keeping track of important dates.

You and your team fight fiercely for your clients. CasePacer is here to help.

Technology may seem overwhelming, but we don’t think it has to be. With CasePacer, you get an easy-to-use case management solution, designed uniquely for personal injury, plaintiff, and mass tort law firms, and a Customer Success team experienced with and focused on your challenges. We’re here to get you started, answers questions, and help you and your team connect CasePacer to the way your firm works.

Cloud-based security you can depend on.     

We work with Amazon’s world-class Web Services, ensuring your data is safe in a secure cloud. You can work anywhere, anytime in our cloud-based platform and have confidence that your clients’ information is private.

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