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“…Clients weren’t asked to go through categories of damages that didn’t apply to them which the clients really liked because it shortened the process for them to complete what we needed and all the data went directly into our database which was fantastic.”
Regina Bagdasarian
Mass Torts Practice Manager and Litigation Attorney, Frantz Law Group, APLC
“With three locations, CasePacer has been tremendously helpful at keeping our team on task. We can do more work with less staff.”
Steve Wanko
Attorney, The Wanko Law Firm, LLC
“CasePacer provides efficiency in handling all types of cases, including workers’ compensation and personal injury. Greater efficiency translates to less overhead, payroll, and waste. Finderson Law LLC has grown in both volume and reputation in large part due to the use of CasePacer.”
Roger Finderson
Managing Attorney, Finderson Law, LLC