Take on more cases without working harder. The right pace for every case makes each client feel like they are your number one. 

Save time, never miss a date and improve productivity with case types organized around the way most personal injury law firms work their cases.

Case Types

Easy case intake gets your team to the right work at the right time.

No matter what type of case you are working, relevant fields are dynamically available. Simply select your case type from the drop down and fill in the case details. You’ll get information specific to your case type throughout the case.

Time tracking ensures time is easily captured and available to bill to the case.

Keep track of your team’s work on the case and choose whether or not to make it billable. Set a timer, pause and restart while you work, or log time after the fact.

Work multiple cases and stay on top of what’s most important at each moment with your personal dashboard. 

  • Your calendar snapshot provides a quick reminder of the day’s scheduled events.
  • Easy access to work your ticklers that are due helps you get to the right work at the right time.
  • Search function helps you find what you need.

Narrow your focus on “all things client” with easy navigation to the Client tab. Enter, review and edit medical providers, medical evaluations, economic loss, insurance and more, based on which type of case you are working.

Capture and store important defendant information with the case. Keep pertinent information about the defendant(s) such as their insurance and attorney information.

Get important case details on one screen. Quickly and easily get up to speed with a summary of what occurred, a general description of injuries and more.

Know where the money is at all times. A quick look at Case Expenses will show you where your costs are and which expenses have been paid or unpaid. Choose from and record common expenses such as billable hours, copying, court, investigator, medical provider, police reports and more.

Make sure you get in touch and get it on record. Accommodate contact preferences by texting from the case. SMS text messages can be created, answered and stored right in the case.

Communicate and collaborate by talking directly to the case. Each case is assigned a unique, case-specific email address that allows you and others to securely send, receive and store important messages and documents right in the case.

Cut the clutter with calendaring right in the case. Use the CasePacer calendar to keep everyone and everything associated with the case on the same schedule and working towards the same dates.

Take the hassle out of documents. No more time lost recreating documents. Start with one of more than 100 common templates that autofill pertinent case information. And with CPHub, navigation and editing is easy via a familiar file folder structure.

Gain confidence that each case is getting the attention it deserves. By simply following the ticklers, your team will be doing the majority of the case’s work with ease. CasePacer comes with more than 20 specialized component workflows, more than one hundred ticklers and prompt-based personalization so you can get started working in it immediately after install.

Make informed decisions faster. Quickly reference and manage multiple negotiations, demands and new offers all in one place.

Be ready when the next step is litigation. Don’t miss a single detail, and capture everything you need for trial. With your files neatly organized and details that are easy to amend, you can pivot at a moment’s notice and always be ready for trial.

Maximize your profits and leave nothing on the table. Add multiple settlements with a simple wizard that enters all pertinent information for you. And keep track of unused settlement items so you can make sure your numbers are correct before sending your client a disbursement letter.

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