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CP Hub


Desktop Integration

Going to the cloud is a smart move that most law firms have accepted as the new reality, but that doesn't mean you need to toss out your preferred methods for saving and accessing your files.  Make the transition seamless with CP Hub, a secure connection that allows you to access documents using a friendly and familiar folder structure right on your desktop.

Web Application

We know that you don’t get to decide how documents arrive. CasePacer offers 8 ways to upload files - from snail mail to e-file to text messages, we’ve got it covered. Our web application and in-browser access coupled with CP Hub allows your team to work the way you want to, no limitations.

Cloud Storage & Premier Security

Everything you do in CP Hub on your desktop is mirrored in your browser and accessible from anywhere you need to work. CasePacer strives to keep the valuable data in your cases secure at all times, which is why we utilize the most advanced and secure platforms for hosting.

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“As a cloud based product, CasePacer has reduced the footprint of servers and services that we are required to maintain in house including various SQL servers and licensing, application servers and installations, and the dependencies and updates required to the applications deployed in the environment. Additionally it offers a WebDAV based workflow that allows the traditional "mapped letter drive" functionality that our userbase is familiar with AND a utility to place documents into this repository that allows the users to be more efficient with placing documents into the case file.”
Ryan J.