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Legal Communication App CP Direct Features

Custom Branded App

Legal communication app CP Direct empowers you to take control of your brand identity as you can customize the app according to your needs. You can design this app with your logo, name, colors, and app icon. As a result, your law firm makes a lasting impression, ensuring clear communication and elevating attorney-client success. This app provides a custom and exclusive experience for your clients. Believe us! It is the best way to communicate with clients. 

Automated notifications keep your clients updated about cases and deadlines, which leads to client communication best practices. This helps to improve the relationship between you and your clients.

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Direct Messaging

Want to communicate directly with your clients? Use CP Direct today, the definition of secure communication. With this app, your team can directly communicate with clients in real-time through messaging. They'll never miss a message with immediate push notifications prompting them from their mobile device. 

In a world where speed and data integrity make the difference, take comfort in knowing that CP Direct's secure HIPAA-compliant messaging is at your fingertips. Your clients' cases can stay organized and well-prepared for any upcoming legal proceedings. Enhance client trust and collaboration with secure communication software and optimize your law firm's approach with this app. 

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Streamline Intake

Say goodbye to archaic systems and processes. Use your firm's CP Direct legal communication app to invite hundreds or thousands of clients to get involved in the legal process. Streamline client retention while providing a modern digital experience that makes your clients feel connected to their case. Moreover, this system automatically generates customized forms based on client responses eliminating the need for manual form creation.

Explore efficient legal document management with our software! Save time with bulk invites and customized question sets for client cases. Elevate the client experience with our innovative app. 


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“CP Direct is one of the most fun and exciting things we're working on right now. I love being able to personalize each app for each law firm, and they love the branding power and potential it brings to their business.”
Stephanie Stuart

VP Product Management