CasePacer Begins With an Idea
It started with an idea. An idea that recognized how technology could help plaintiff, personal injury, and mass tort law firms never miss key dates, collect all the right information at the right time, easily communicate and collaborate with all relevant parties, and ultimately handle more cases without adding more costs.
A Team of Lawyers Gets to Work
Starting with a patented workflow process unique to personal injury, plaintiff, and mass tort law firms, a team of lawyers got to work designing a new type of case management software.
The Tickler is Born
The team recognized that while workflow is the underlying driver of every case, each firm has its own unique approach. Therefore, the team wanted to deliver software that automated the workflow, but that could be dynamically personalized to the way each firm does business.
Software Development Continues
Working exclusively with plaintiff, personal injury law firms, the team continued to evolve and expand the features and functions of the product as well as the way the organization supported CasePacer customers.
Today's Product Delivers
Today, CasePacer is an accessible and efficient way to bring case management technology into your practice. With dynamic workflow featuring tickler technology, case-based information organization, integrated communication and collaboration tools, a case-based pricing model, and an intuitive user interface, CasePacer is the right software for personal injury, plaintiff, and mass tort law firms.
We've Only Just Begun
We’ve added some new people to the team and we all share an excitement for the future. We believe CasePacer is only at the beginning stages of what it can do to help our customers spend less time on operations and administration and more time practicing law and efficiently growing their firms.


CasePacer helps plaintiff, personal injury, and mass tort firms focus on what’s important so that they can best serve their clients and efficiently grow their firms.

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    Genuinely Cares

    We are all here because we believe in our vision, each other, our customers, our community and our families. We are here to serve and, together, create solutions that deliver sustainable value.

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    Do Whatever It Takes (Legally)

    With rapidly changing technology and ever evolving customer needs, we know we must be prepared to deliver whatever it takes (legally) to get the right job done. We won’t give up at the first (or subsequent) roadblocks. We’ll be tenacious and drive through challenges.

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    Results Driven

    We like success for ourselves, our customers, and our community. We set goals and work to build a culture that strives for more each and every day.

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    Humbly Confident

    We’re confident in our ability to create solutions that make a difference, but recognize that no one can know it all. We admit what we do not know, when we are wrong, and when we need support.

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    Love What We Do

    Bringing differentiated value through technology is a big and bold task, and none of us would be here if we didn’t love what we are doing. We look for the positive in each interaction and make sure we regularly celebrate our work and each other.

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    Know What You Know; Learn What You Don't

    Operating in a world of continuous innovation and evolution, we accept that expertise is not an end point and that we must always remain open to listening and learning from each other, our customer, and our community.


You might recognize the green and black of the CasePacer logo that has been with the product since its launch in 2013. With a host of new features and functions planned in 2019 and 2020, we thought it was the right time to kick it all off with a bold new look. You’ll continue to see a bit of the old CasePacer logo and messaging while we are in the process of rolling out this updated look.


CasePacer is now a Validus Venture Group (VVG) brand, and with that comes a renewed focus. In CasePacer, VVG sees an alignment with its mission of finding and nurturing technologies that transform businesses.