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CasePacer helps plaintiff, personal injury, and mass tort firms focus on what’s important so that they can best serve their clients and efficiently grow their firms.

Our Journey

CasePacer™ begins with an idea

It started with an idea. An idea that recognized how technology could help plaintiff, personal injury, and mass tort law firms handle more cases without adding more costs.

Work Idea

A team of lawyers gets to work

Starting with a patented workflow process unique to personal injury, plaintiff, and mass tort law firms, a team of lawyers got to work designing a new type of case management software.

Lawyers team

The tickler is born

Workflow is the underlying driver of every case. Our team sought to deliver software that not only automates workflow but make it dynamically personalized to how firms operate.

File Driver

Software development continues


Working with plaintiff, personal injury law firms, our team continued to evolve and expand the features, functions, and support the software offers to CasePacer customers.


Today’s product delivers

With numerous dynamic workflow features, CasePacer is an accessible and efficient way to bring case management technology into your practice.

Product delivery

We’ve only just begun

CasePacer is only at the beginning stages of what it can do to help our customers spend less time on operations and administration and more time practicing law efficiently.

Just Begun
Meet The Team

We’re here to help you grow better

Stephanie-Stuart (1)
Stephanie Stuart
VP Operations & Product Owner
Kevin McDowell
VP Business Development

Visions & Values

CasePacer helps plaintiff, personal injury, and mass tort firms focus on what’s important so that they can best serve their clients and efficiently grow their firms.


Love What We Do and Show It

We love to bring value through technology. It’s a big and bold task. Helping a firm transform itself with our tools makes us feel amazing. We’re here because we love it, and we want you to know it.


Seek Knowledge and Embrace Change

Our world is continuously changing through innovation and evolution. We search out new ways to use our expertise to help the firms we serve. It requires embracing change, but also listening to and learning from those we serve.


Respectful and Genuinely Care

We want our products to mean something. We genuinely care that our hard work can help make your goals come true, by delivering solutions with sustainable value in a respectful way.


No Nonsense

We understand that not all products fit all prospective customers. We don’t want to waste your time or ours. Let’s help you find the right fit and be honest about what we can and can’t do.

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"...get cases settled faster."


Regina Bagdasarian

Attorney, Frantz Law Group, APLC

CasePacer, a VVG Brand

CasePacer is now a Validus Venture Group (VVG) brand, and with that comes a renewed focus. In CasePacer, VVG sees an alignment with its mission of finding and nurturing technologies that transform businesses.

“With three locations, CasePacerhas been tremendously helpful atkeeping our team on task. We cando more work with less staff.”
Regina Bagdasarian

Attorney, Frantz Law Group, APLC

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