Easy-to-Use Law Firm Case Management Software Crafted by Lawyers

If you’ve been trying every type of law firm case management software out there, there’s a good chance you and your attorneys have realized one thing—none are exceptionally lawyer-friendly. Most types of case management software for law firms and lawyers are, in fact, more similar to business management solutions than case or legal practice management solutions.

These types of solutions tend to offer an excessive amount of features—ones your firm may not even need. They tend to be practice-based rather than case-based, making the process of working through an individual case more difficult than it should be. They also tend to be riddled with technical issues due to their over-complicated nature, and may be frustratingly difficult to use.
You wouldn’t trust anyone else but a lawyer inside the courtroom, so why would you trust an all-in-one management solution created by and intended for software technicians and business managers who work in a corporate law office?

Case Pacer is different. Case Pacer is a 100% mobile-friendly, browser-based law firm case management software solution created by attorneys, for attorneys. It was created specifically with the needs of plaintiff attorneys in mind, but can be customized to meet the unique needs of every type of legal case.

Attorneys Understand What Features Law Firm Case Management Software Needs

Created with cutting-edge technology and accessibility in mind, Case Pacer aims to streamline and simplify every case your practice takes on. Each phase of a case—from a case’s early potential to the pre-negotiation phase, negotiation phase, settlement phase, and litigation phase becomes noticeably more manageable within Case Pacer’s intuitive interface.

Your attorneys and paralegals are able to use Case Pacer’s features to track each phase, keep tabs on contacts, create, obtain, and file the necessary documentation as well as take advantage of Case Pacer’s unique, plaintiff-based “tickler” system to open, complete, and file requests, workflows, and case proceedings. Completing firm-wide workflow tasks such as legal calendaring, document storage and management, expense management, invoicing, time tracking, and case/system reporting is even possible with Case Pacer’s built-in law practice management software options.

Law firms of all sizes as well as solo law practitioners receive the same time-saving benefits when using Case Pacer’s wide range of features:

  • Secure, cloud-based document management system.
  • Firm-wide document storage system.
  • Document retrieval system that’s fully integrated with Express Medical Records, letting attorneys easily request medical records.
  • Document creation system that lets users automatically generate reports, documents, workflows, settlement letters, demand letters, etc., using pre-formed or customized templates.
  • Automated “Settlement Wizard” system that can generate settlement documents, automatically complete them, and send them to defendants.
  • 100% unique and patented “tickler” system that’s specialized for plaintiff attorneys, letting legal professionals set up fully-automated requests, customized reminders, and even generate and autocomplete client, court, and firm documentation, reports, and invoices.
  • Built-in alert and notification system.
  • Fully-customizable report generation system that can generate and search global or firm-wide reports for case statuses, alerts, missing documentation, upcoming statutes, case activity, and time as well as generate detailed plaintiff and tickler reports.
  • Customization options which allow the user to create fully-custom ticklers, alerts, documents, document templates, reports, calendars, and logo generation.
  • Customized menu system that lets users view and organize information based on case number, case type, phase, client, attorney, date, statute of limitations, progress percentage, depositions, discoveries, negotiations, and more.
  • Firm-wide calendaring and time tracking options that can be integrated via email.
  • Automatic, integrated invoicing through QuickBooks, Peachtree, and Sage 50.

All of Case Pacer’s features aim to do one thing—let lawyers and legal practices be more productive and complete cases at a faster rate with less hassle and zero errors. Let us show you how using the right type of law firm case management software—the type that’s crafted by lawyers, for lawyers—can help your legal practice manage cases like never before.