Advantages Of A Dashboard In Legal Case Management Software


A legal case management software dashboard takes care of the mundane work of collecting all the pertinent data, giving you all of the key information at a glance. We know data is important, but it takes time to collect, analyze, and make decisions on what to do with it.

The data showcased in a dashboard is easily digestible; meaning, you don’t have to be a statistician to analyze it. And if it’s a really good legal task management dashboard, it not only will be easy to understand, but interactive as well. Giving you the ability to filter the case file management data and see changes over time. Having all of this easily accessible, understandable information at your fingertips leads to quicker decision-making and a better idea of your firm’s well-being. 

Hear what our VP of Ops has to say about using metrics and reports to your firm’s advantage.

Legal Case Management Software Dashboard Advantages

The significance of a case management dashboard mainly comes down to more informed, and quicker decision-making for your firm — but there’s much more to it than that. We’ve put together a list of the most important advantages of having a dashboard below.

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Intuitive Data Presentation

Dashboards are designed to be intuitive to any user, with no training or explanation needed. Recognizable titles and understandable visuals allow for smooth navigation through each piece of information.


It’s great to know where you’re doing things right, but there’s always a need for improvement. An insights dashboard can help identify issue areas within cases or your business. 

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Key Performance Indicators

Always understand what’s working for your firm. Because dashboards source data from multiple areas in real time, this provides leadership with an overview of current KPIs to assess areas of performance while creating actionable insights. 


Immediately see a comprehensive overview of your firm at a glance. No more compiling multiple reports to draw a single conclusion. Your dashboard can be customized to see exactly the information most important to you.



Rather than only seeing this week’s, quarter’s, or year’s key data points, you can filter through it all. Having static information only gives you so much insight, but having the ability to compare with a time period before, gives a much better understanding of your firm’s status.

From working closely with our clients, we know how valuable a well-designed, interactive dashboard can be in your legal case management software. Our team has been working hard on a new feature that does just that, called CasePacer Insights. We’re excited to share more – so check back for our blog post next week as we roll out our new dashboard feature!


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