Case Management – A To-Do List for Your Firm


Documents: Case Management can provide you with the ease of creating and storing documents necessary for working your case. You can also sort your documents per case type instead of those pesky tree folders.  For example: sort your transcripts for deposition, all under one subtype for one click access. 

Evidence: Tracking your incoming and outgoing evidence is easier to catalog. Case management can help you track what you have ordered, what you need and what has been supplemented all in one list with coordinating tasks among team members. No need to track with word documents or excel. Bring it all into one system to help the team stay on the same flow. 

Medical Records: Medical records tracking and summaries all in one place. This is a huge relief that is achievable with the proper case management system. You can do your summaries in the system and store your documents there as well, with the proper case sort. This takes out extra worksheets, list on a third-party list. 

Trial Exhibits: Making your exhibit list and exhibits easily accessible and organized just got simple. In a case management system, you can also sort to have exhibits stored and readily available for trial. With the click of a button and proper data entry, trial preparation just go a lot easier.


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