CasePacer Acquires Barrister Capital

Indianapolis, IN — CasePacer, a leading provider of legal case management software, will be partnering with Barrister Capital, who was recently acquired by the same private equity fund,  FMOF. Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, Barrister Capital provides pre-settlement financing to clients of personal injury law firms. 

Personal injury firms partner with Barrister Capital when a client is unable to cover personal expenses, while giving them time to pursue a more equitable settlement with a high likelihood of success. The immediate access to funding allows clients to make better decisions concerning their case. The acquisition of Barrister Capital complements CasePacer’s client focus on personal injury, mass tort firms and multidistrict litigation, providing an additional solution that aids the firm. Though they have no plans to merge, the two companies can offer firms complementary solutions, with CasePacer reducing the burden of document management and Barrister Capital reducing the monetary burden to clients, often seen with personal injury cases. 

“Barrister gives us the opportunity to further serve personal injury firms and those needing pre-settlement financing.  Integrating an option for firms to service the needs of their clients seamlessly provides a significant amount of value,” said Ben Jones, President of CasePacer.

CasePacer’s legal case management software is intelligent; automating workflows, simplifying document management, and using patented tickler technology to streamline tasks and continually move cases forward.


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