Is your technology outdated? The Risk of Outdated Technology

Listing item Risk of Outdated Technology

There are lots of risk that come with not updating your technology for your firm. Why not invest your time and energy into a new system that will save you time and money?

Outdated technology is expensive to maintain. It is common for your system to not be able to maintain the new systems with the update and it will often slow down your whole office.

Outdated systems often cause decreased productivity. If you or your staff are having to worry about how to fix the system or the computer. Are they often waiting for IT people or customer service to call them back? This could be time spent on working and keeping up to date with your cases and files.

Outdated systems often cause decreased productivity

Let’s look more closely at Case Management Software.

Old Tech


  • Servers to maintain
  • Backups to run
  • Updates to install
  • Access from the office or having to VPN into servers (potential traffic jam of users)

Current Tech


  • Cloud-Based- easily accessible to all users from courthouse or office, smooth collaboration
  • Automatic back-ups in multiple locations
  • Continual updates without any user intervention
  • Access from anywhere and anytime with internet access

Staying current on technology also means having current functionality


  • Old Tech (or No Tech)- is leaving you behind on excelling in customer service and client thought.
  • Case Management software used to look like fancy Excel Spreadsheets
  • Modern Technology: Organizes the data for you with less margin of error
  • Software is easy to use similar to online shopping – if you can online shop you can learn how to use case management software with an effective workflow, it’s as easy as a few clicks of the button.
  • The power runs in the background with workflows prompting next steps & reminders
  • Automatically creating documents – no trying to find the correct template or most current language. Keep your template accessible to quickly create
  • Associating workflow among team members automatically – accountability gets a whole lot easier when it comes to managing the work.
  • Reporting and analytics – If you want to move cases faster, track

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