New Feature: Firm Custom Appointment Types

At CasePacer, we’re dedicated to helping lawyers manage their practices. Our cloud-based practice management software is used to manage their cases and schedule appointments faster with fewer clicks. We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Custom Appointment Types.

The appointment types that come standard with CasePacer are a default set that will suffice for most legal professionals, but some firms require special handling of certain appointments.

Instead of customizing the system for each attorney or creating duplicative appointment types within CasePacer, firms now have the option to create multiple kinds of appointment types and assign them as needed.

The new Custom Appointment Types List | CasePacer

This new feature will allow for greater flexibility and save time when managing a calendar. It ensures that each firm’s schedule and preferences are configured exactly as a need them.

Once your firm’s personalized Appointment Type list is created, the options will appear within the drop-down list of available appointment types when creating or editing appointments.

The drop-down list of appointment types, Creating or Editing appointments. | CasePacer

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