Preparing your case with the expectation that will be tried

Preparation is key to keeping you at your best for a trial big or small. Using the same steps to prepare and organize your case for trial is ready to go whether you settle or go all the way to trial. 

Have a litigation game plan, here are few suggestions of what part of your ligation plan should be as well as how to organize your file.

Be sure to have an efficient built-in system to keep you organized from the beginning, a few things that helps you stand out from the rest: 

Exhibit and Medical Records Organization

Have a section where you can organize your medical experts and records to be easily accessible to review and sort in one place. Name conventions along with proper organization of your exhibits will help you stay a step ahead. Be sure to sort your exhibits associated documents with similar names to match up at trial. Thinking of these ahead of time makes it easier when you are pairing everything together for a trial deadline. 

Scheduling Orders

Scheduling these important deadlines should not be frustrating or tedious. Find a system where you can schedule these all at once along with any added reminders you would like in your workflow. Building a system where you can set workflows based on those deadlines would be the best way to keep your case working towards trial. If dates get changed, it is easier to adjust than starting planning from the beginning.

Trial Pleadings

You should sort your Trial pleadings, such as jury charge, exhibit, witness list and Motion in limine in sorting your documents using a subcategory or folder such as “trial exhibits” will help you keep the documents that you know you will be using for trial all in one central location. 

Having these things organized will help you at trial. Plus, you will keep learning the details as you sort and organize. That way when you get ready to show up and present your case you will look professional and confident. 


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