Sports and Using the Right Tools or Ball for Success

In personal injury, buy THE software for Personal Injury, not A software to be changed into Personal Injury.

You wouldn’t use the wrong ball or racket for your main sport. So why use the wrong case management for your firm? 

Just like your firm specializes in personal injury, you need tools also focused on your practice areas.

For Example:

  1. Intake criteria and fields should match your case types. Save your firm time & costs of customizing general software for Personal Injury, this would be like trying to make your lefty pitcher a 3rd baseman.  Instead, use out of the gate ready to use with the ability to add to make it function to your specific needs. 
  2. Workflows should change based on case type, whether you are working on a Premise Liability case or a Motor Vehicle Collision, never lose track of various deadlines with a software that is working to keep you one step ahead.
  3. Reports  based on Statute of Limitations with activities and deadlines. Plus, reports and workflows to keep track of your medical and billing summaries all in one place. Pull reports for demands that are in progress or a mediation/arbitration/trial dates for staff meetings and coordination. 
  4. Templates specific Personal Injury documents such as for request medical records, with a place to keep track of all your requests, police report requests, Witness Questionnaires and Witness trial preparation templates. 

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