CasePacer Announces New Features to Mobile App

Discover four ways you can be seen by the people who need you the most with CP Direct.


If you know anything about CasePacer, you know that it’s a legal case management software that’s all about connecting lawyers to plaintiffs as quickly, easily, and effectively as possible. And we like helping to automate the mundane, administrative tasks that can bog attorneys and staff down, freeing them up to focus on their clients. 

Out of this commitment to fast, but quality work came CP Direct. CP Direct is a mobile application (app) that your plaintiffs can use to communicate with you directly through intelligent forms, allowing your firm to save time and manage cases as efficiently as possible.

If you think that sounds good, you’ll love the new features we’re rolling out to help your firm stand out from the crowd and enable potential and current clients to find you, communicate with you, and choose you to win their cases. 

Here are four new features of CP Direct that help the right plaintiffs find you at the right time.


1. Personalize your app.

Personalizing your app, also known as the ability to White label the app, means you can make it your own by adding your firm’s name, logo, colors, and other brand elements. 

This personalization also means that clients can expect all of their virtual interactions with you to have the same look, sound, and feel whether they’re communicating with you through your website, an email, a text, or now, through the easy use of an app.

2. A public app that’s easy to find.

Have you ever wondered why certain apps pop up first on the list when you search for them in the app store? It’s because those top apps are optimized for search, which means that the app developers make sure to include the top keywords and work other magic that helps your app appear on the top of app searches if someone searches for something like, “law firm”, “personal injury law”, etc. 

It’s the same concept as when you search for Google and certain articles show up first! And your SEO and visibility in the app store will continue to improve as you use your personalized link to add to your website, your emails, and other communications to your clients or the public.

3. Download and use on mobile devices or the web.

One of the most exciting new features of CP Direct is that it can be accessed and used from anywhere. If clients need to reach you when they’re on the go, they can use their mobile devices and tablets. If they want to upload and sign documents on their computers or laptops, then they can use a web browser.

Whether your potential and current clients have an iOS or Android mobile phone or they prefer using a web browser, anyone can use the app from anywhere in the world, regardless of the device they use.

4. The public can access your app, but firms still control invite lists.

Anyone who downloads your firm’s app can get in touch with you and learn about why you’re the right fit for them through access to the Call Now, Contact Us, About Our Firm, and Blog features of the app.

But a firm can also invite plaintiffs to register on the app and log in to view forms, and intake requests and upload discovery documents specific to their case. Anything a plaintiff submits is automatically tied to their case in CasePacer’s software.

See how CP Direct continues to keep your bottom line in mind, even with our new features.


We take pride in how CP Direct is evolving to meet the needs of your firm and your clients. But one thing remains the same — our pricing model takes the same approach as our CasePacer monthly model.  

That means that you pay a small monthly amount per case, and only for those cases that are active and have an invited and registered CP Direct user.

So you can pass this cost back to your client at the time of settlement! Reach out today to learn how CP Direct’s new features are just one-way CasePacer helps firms of all sizes manage multiple cases. And stay tuned for our next blog where we’ll be diving into even more new features of CP Direct.


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