CasePacer Announces New Features to Mobile App Pt. 2

Learn three more ways CasePacer’s CP Direct offers new features that help you easily reach and engage with your clients.

CasePacer Announces New Features to Mobile App Pt. 2 | CasePacer

Earlier this month, we made the first announcement about CasePacer’s newest features to their mobile app, CP Direct. 

The features we talked about in our first blog were all about making it easy for the right clients to find your firm at the right time through enhanced capabilities for attorneys and staff to personalize their mobile apps, make them easily available and easy-to-find in the app stores, access the app on multiple devices, and seamlessly connect with their CasePacer software.

As if these benefits and features weren’t enough, we have added new features that will help you reach and engage with your current and future clients on a deeper level.

Check out these three additional features of CP direct that will improve your client communication and engagement.


1. Make sure your blog posts are seen.

Companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads monthly than companies that don’t blog. That means that by writing and posting a blog on your website, you increase the people’s ability to search for and find you, establish credibility, and help you find future clients. 

With the new features in CP Direct, you’ll have the ability to schedule posts in advance and be more strategic to make sure that the time you spend writing your blogs pays off in views and conversions. 

Your blog is available to anyone who downloads your firm’s app, and both non-registered and registered users will have access to your blog.

2. Let your plaintiffs choose how they’d like to communicate with you.

In the modern business and legal sectors, the client’s needs and wants drive nearly all of our organizations’ efforts. And this is especially true when it comes to clients’ communication preferences. 

With CP Direct, you can take the guesswork out of your clients’ communication needs and empower your clients to select their favorite way to meet with our “Call Now” and “Email Now” options readily available in the app.  

After they’ve selected their communication preferences, you and your whole staff know the fastest and most effective ways to reach them, which ensures timely answers and smoother legal processes.

3. Customize the intake forms and discovery questions to fit each unique case.

We all know that each case and client is different. That’s why our Customer Success Team will work with your firm to create customized and case-type specific discovery questions that become available to your clients right in the app.

We can even create questions that request specific files! Maybe you need a picture of vehicle damage? The client can take a picture and upload it to their case without ever leaving the app!

Your firm will be able to see documents and other files in CasePacer that your client is uploading in the app. These documents will go right into your case in your case management system. 

And, remember, CP Direct is available on IOS and Android, so clients are able to answer the forms from their phones as well!

Explore how the newest CP Direct features engage existing clients and attract new ones.


The world is changing faster than ever and technology like mobile apps allow firms to change alongside their clients. Reach out today to discover new ways to serve your clients. 

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