Improving Client Communication through Technology


Communicating with clients is often a challenge, but nowadays client communication is getting easier through technology. With so many different ways to reach out to your clients, it’s easy for the lines of client communication to get blurred. It has happened to us all. The first thing you should be doing is making sure that your client can always reach you – thus allowing yourself to be reached by them at any time they have an issue or question.

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Here are a Few Ways to Improve Client Communication:

  1. Offer a mobile app as part of your firm’s client experience.
  2. Add “email now” or “contact now” features to your website.
  3. Make sure your website is responsive. 

Putting these best practices into action means your firm is making mobile responsiveness a priority. Many law firms have not implemented a “mobile first” approach. Those that have, are giving clients access via an app that allows them to send messages or documents via their own mobile devices, on their own time. 

People are already conditioned to expect instant gratification in everything they do, thanks to apps like Uber and Seamless.  So if your clients can get in touch with you at their fingertips through a mobile app, it can add to client satisfaction

A mobile app can be a lot like Uber and Seamless by giving people the ability to communicate with you instantly, whether that’s filing a case and sending it over to your office or asking a question about an old case and getting an answer right away. If you don’t have a mobile app yet, start first by making sure there are “call now” and “email now” buttons on your website. 

Your website can also take a “mobile first” approach, by being responsive. A responsive website means it’s not just built for the web, but renders well on all devices – phones, tablets, iPods, etc. If your website isn’t responsive, Google will ping you for that, and you may rank lower in online searches because of it. 

That is why responsive websites are so important. For your mobile site to look good on all mobile devices, it needs to have a responsive layout that ensures images and text resize to fit the respective mobile device.

Studies have shown that people spend less time seeking out information when they’re using mobile devices than they do with desktop computers or tablets. Since web browsers render websites slower on mobile than on desktop because of their limited processing power and bandwidth of mobile devices, it’s important to be as optimized as possible, or you lose your client’s interest. There are technical things you can do, that are beyond the scope of this blog, but be aware of such things as you start the process.  They include:

  • Minification
  • Enable gzip compression for mobile devices
  • Optimize mobile images with a device-pixel ratio
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Improving your communication with your clients begins with meeting them where they want to communicate – and that’s with a mobile focus.  Having a secure mobile app that is optimized for speed and ease of use is going to make your firm stand out to clients. If your firm doesn’t have one,  you should seriously consider adding this tool to your offerings to remain competitive and provide the best possible service for clients. 

CasePacer has created an intuitive, white-labeled mobile application called CP Direct that will revolutionize your customer experience. Learn more about CP Direct here, or fill out this form to get your personalized demo to understand how this app can change the way your firm does business!

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