CasePacer Launches New Plaintiff Discovery Mobile App

Indianapolis, IN – CasePacer, a leading provider of legal case management software, has launched a new mobile plaintiff discovery tool called CP Direct. CP Direct is a mobile application that firms can use to communicate with plaintiffs directly through intelligent forms, automating discovery requests and intake while saving money and increasing efficiency. 

CP Direct is available on iOS and Android, or can be accessed on desktop. Plaintiffs simply download the app and register using their email address, and can immediately begin submitting information that maps directly to their CasePacer case. Via the user-friendly admin dashboard, firms can quickly check what’s been completed and what is outstanding, providing up-to-date discovery status for every case. 

The new app allows plaintiffs to upload documents, files, images and videos directly from their mobile devices. With this, firms are able to offer their clients an ease of use and convenience that’s rare in the legal world. 

With CP Direct, firms gain efficiency with time-saving features such as bulk invites to client registration lists, and the ability to create criteria-based question sets that generate forms relevant to that specific client’s case. As forms are completed by the client, the firm can pull detailed reports that assist in moving the Discovery process forward. 

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