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Managing a law firm without smart attorney software is no easy feat. It takes someone who cannot just organize correctly but stay on top of the day-to-day tasks that keep the law firm running. There are many ways to go about doing this. You could always hire a secretary (or five!), you could hire more attorneys to take on some more work, and you could even find software that is able to organize and keep a tight ship.

Whichever option you choose to go with, the most economical one would be to find a software program dedicated to helping you run those day-to-day operations. Whether it is storing information, assigning tasks, managing workers, or creating a full-on day plan; the use of SMART Software for an attorney’s office would be ideal.

SMART Attorney software is constantly changing in a world of technology. Due to this, it is important to keep up with the software that is introduced to you. You want to have a program that basically runs your firm, and with SMART software, it is something that can keep everyone on track, in line, and on task. It’s what every law firm needs in-office.

Learning more about SMART attorney software can help you make a more informed decision on whether this product is right for your firm. With software that helps you manage the day; you’re better able to focus on the work at hand. This allows you to offer your clients more hands-on, one-on-one experiences.

Read on to find out more about SMART software, as well as why it would make an ideal choice to go with for your attorney’s office. Be in control of everything that has to be done with the right software behind you.

What is SMART Software?

SMART Software is software or a program that is designed to help you plan efficiently, and protect against any uncertainty, while also providing the most effective method for organizing and handling day-to-day operations.

SMART Software not only works with you but for you. This software helps you run your business accordingly, regardless of the type of business you’re running. This software is smart enough to keep things in the right spots while bringing more to the table for everyone.

With SMART Software, you input the information and let the program do the organization and setting up that you want to be done. Depending on the software, there are several features that come from using the product. You can expect to find:

  • Organization Tools
  • Automation of Tasks
  • Task Assignment
  • To-Do Lists
  • Calendars
  • Time Tracking Abilities
  • Document Management
  • Contact Storage

Of course, this is not a tight list that doesn’t allow for additional features. You will find that depending on the software, the features might differ based on the industry that requires its use.

You won’t have to worry about not being able to have all of the features, or even having to use all of what is available. You’re welcome to enter into the SMART software and pick and choose which features apps, and extras you want to have and use.

While your software also doesn’t have to include all of this list. You do want to ensure that the software you choose to use for your firm is one that provides you with the features that will be the most helpful to you.

SMART Software often also comes with integrations that can be used to connect your other software platforms to this one program. It helps you bring together those areas of the business that would otherwise be floating. With integration, you can use one SMART program for all of the other programs you own.

While this software is SMART, it is not capable of doing everything that your business does need. It comes close, though. This is why so many law firms are deciding to make a switch and keep up on their offices with software that basically does the footwork for them.

SMART software ensures that you have everything you need in one place, for the entire firm, not just you. Start using the software to keep your firm running today.

How Does SMART Attorney Software Help You Run Your Firm?

Not just help you run your firm, but our SMART Attorney Software is smart enough to keep your firm running. This legal case management software is made specifically to help attorneys manage their daily operations, while keeping them in line for all of their tasks, too.

Whether it’s scheduling with clients or scanning court papers for later; the system provides an inclusive way to keep your operations in one secure platform. This type of legal software has provided the essential building blocks that attorney offices need.

Whether you’re managing a handful of clients or thousands of them; SMART Attorney software helps you keep track of everything without having to worry about missing papers, stolen records, or any other mishaps that might happen.

smart attorney software

Here are some examples of ways that this software can offer the support that you need within your office.

Documentation storage and filing are essential for any business that wants to keep its files organized. When you’re searching for a specific document, instead of a file cabinet, you can do a search on your database to find the specific docket #, name, or case that you’re searching for in half the time.

Task assignment that is automated will provide everyone in your firm with a list of tasks that they have to complete. This automated process ensures that you’re getting the tasks done and on time.

Time tracking can help you keep track of employees who are working on a task for you. This allows you to know how much time they’re putting into the work they’re doing for billing purposes.

The calendar feature can help everyone stay on top of their appointments with clients. Not just that, but secretaries are easily able to book appointments using the same app, allowing everyone in the office to see the same results over one interface.

Regardless of the specific needs that your law firm has, it is important to keep everyone organized and in the right place. This type of software program works not just with your firm, but for your firm.

The product keeps your firm running, as this is what keeps everyone on task.

What is the Most Beneficial for Your Attorney’s Office?

The features that you find on these softwares for lawyers are plentiful, but how many of them are actually beneficial to your firm?

Many of the attorneys who have previously used this type of software found that the most popular and used products on the software included:

  • Organized Documents
  • Financial
  • Reporting
  • Time Tracking

These top four software specifics are found to be the most useful for attorneys looking to stay organized and on top of their cases. This type of help is essential for any company, but when you’re all over and making sure to gather the right information for the right case; then this SMART Attorney software would be the most ideal for you and the needs you have as an attorney.

CasePacer is a software company offering quality software that helps you keep your attorney’s office in check. This software was made for an attorney in a fast-paced firm who wants to keep on top of their clients and cases.

Finding out more about how this software differs from the other competitors can help you decide if it is the right product.

How This Software Differs

CasePacer differs in many ways. It stands out in the industry as a leading SMART Attorney software. This software provides those specific applications that keep your firm running smoothly.

For example, in the past, attorneys would have to write down everything inside and outside of the courtroom on pads of paper. This paper would be filed but with time, it breaks down and it can cause the information to be lost.

With this software, all your files are digitally stored for you, so you never have to worry about losing out on this information. Whether you hand write the information and scan it in, or if you’re choosing to put it in through the system; you can find the perfect balance to keep all your records in one place, organized, and thorough. This was not possible in the past with just paper.

Even with a spreadsheet of information, this becomes cluttered and unmanageable for those who need the information on the sheet. With an entire software system that files, organizes, separates, and helps you search; all of your documents are easily accessible and held onto for some time.

The differing features are what help you stay to the software that does it all, especially since you don’t have to do this all manually. The software takes care of all this for you, so you don’t have to.

There are additional helpful tools and resources that you can use to your advantage when you’re a part of the SMART software team. Here are some great things to look out for when you’re considering SMART software for your attorney’s office.

You might just find the exact tool you need and want, as your office might have a specific need for a SMART software feature over another. Look today.

Manage Your Daily Work and Efficiently Run Your Business

With the use of the SMART Attorney software built for attorney’s offices, you’re easily able to manage your daily workload, while also being efficient and effective at running your business. Not just efficient, but profitable for everyone who is looking to grow as an attorney.

smart attorney software

The best attorney software is the one that recommends everything for you. It keeps your office running smoothly while ensuring that you have the best possible tools to help you manage everything from A to B.

Using this software, you can be sure to grab the essentials that are necessary to run any sort of attorney firm. You can mix and match the specific apps and use only what you need. This way, you’re always in control of the specific management activities that must be done.

The effective way that you run your business is what is going to keep the client coming in. The more organized your firm is, the better off you’re going to be when handling any cases. Here are some top benefits you can find when using SMART software as an attorney.


Being organized is one of the hardest things that many professionals struggle with. Using a SMART program is something that will stop. You will end up losing clients if you’re not put together. Make sure to make the most of the organizing that you’re doing, it really pays off.


All of your case files and any files necessary for court will be filed within the system when they’re entered. It creates separate folders for your clients, so you can not only stay organized, as we mentioned above but also ensure that you have everything you need come trial.

smart attorney software

Time Tracker

Keeping track of the court cases, the trials, and anything else you can think of can be done easily with the help of a time tracker that keeps you tracking all the time. When you’re counting down the time it takes for anything, or if you need a solid idea of a time; this is a great app to use.

Share Information

If you’re working within your firm with other lawyers, then having a way to connect, share, and provide each other with information is important. This system allows for that. With multiple functions, the entire team can continue to stay connected, while collaborating in one place.

This also keeps the entire office organized. With minimal paper trails, you can reduce the number of trees that are wasted. You can also ensure that you have backups of all your files in one place with this program.


Know who you’re connected to, who is in your contact book, and who you need to reach out to with the help of the contacts feature. This organizes all of your contacts in the most organized way while providing you with more information about each contact. You can add notes to each person, especially if you have other bits that help you remember who every client is.

The contacts feature keeps every law office organized and running efficiently.

In addition to contacts, there is also messaging that you can use within the system. This way, everyone is connected regardless of where they are. As long as they’re signed into the system, they can message others in the group. This helps your teams collaborate in real-time with a system that allows it.


Calendars work to keep everyone on track. These can also make sure to alert you before you have something scheduled, so you don’t have to worry about missing it. Additionally, you can have clients or your secretary schedule on the calendar app for you. This allows you to keep all of your appointments and other special occasions, court dates, or anything else you have to remember in one place.

Other Business Tools

This is not an exhaustive list of tools that the SMART software can provide your firm with. However, it is a good-sized list to give you an idea of what to expect from this type of software. You can ensure that you’re using the other business tools how you need to use them, as well.

These tools are useful for determining the best way to manage your business. Keep everything in one location, easily accessible to anyone in the firm that needs access. This way, the streamlined process is for everyone.

Managing a legal firm is tough, and with the right resources and tools behind you, you can have an easier time managing.

SMART Attorney Software Helpful Tools & Resources

There are many helpful tools and resources you can use for your attorney’s firm. These resources offer you an inside look at the different SMART Attorney software programs you can get, smart advocate pricing, what they are, how they work, and what specific tools come with the use of this type of software.

These additional tools that come with this type of software will help you run your firm smoother. Use the resources below these tools to learn more about the SMART software you can be used for your firm.

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention can help your firm not only retain your clientele currently, but it can reduce the chances of having someone back out. You want to reduce any loss that you can, as you want to grow, and this can be done with the proper tools to keep you on top of all that needs to be done.

Never worry about losing clients again with the help that this provides to users.

Mobile Access

Get access through your mobile device when you log in to your account. This way, whether you are on the go, sitting at an airport, or at a doctor’s office; you can still run your firm the way you need to. You can check all of the apps that come with the program, chat with your co-workers, and ensure that everything is on task at the office.

best legal apps

This program works to keep everyone connected, but also to keep the firm running as smoothly as it possibly can.

Social Tracking

Social tracking is something that you want to have, especially when you want to follow up with those individuals on your social pages. The social media that you have out there should be tracked, measured, and then you can use the data that you get to follow up and create new clients through those leads that the program gives you.

Other Tracking

Another tracking is important because depending on whether a person looks you up on Google, or if you had someone open an ad or email from you then you want to know about it. You want to know when people are searching for you, so you can follow up with them and see what they needed.

This other tracking is Important for that reason. You want to keep clients, but you also need to find new ones. This tracking helps you do just that.

Accurate Cash Forecasting

If you want to keep your business expenses and other financial information in one place, then this is where you can store that specific, sensitive information. The SMART Attorney Software is encrypted so that all of the information that is input into the system is never compromised. Protection is important, and when you want accurate cash forecasting; the program is able to do it for you.

With many tools available, you can find that you will love one or a few of them. While this software does require a learning curve; it is still a great tool for everyone in the office to learn how to use. It can help to get everyone on board when they need to be. The software is made for teams, offering the best possible way to stay connected.

Go above and beyond when it comes to the many tools available. You won’t need to worry about your firm going under or having workers not knowing what to do. With a streamlined program, you never have to worry about this.

CP Direct offers a way to keep your firm running as smoothly as it possibly can. Never have to worry about not having a software company that listens and hears you. As a number one provider for law firms across the country, you’ll find that this SMART software is unlike any other and built to help your firm grow.

Once you have learned enough about SMART software, you should feel confident that this is software made for your firm. This software is going to revolutionize the way that all firms do business. Keep your ship tight with the use of software made for you and your problems.

Start your firm off right with SMART Attorney software behind you every step of the way.

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