To Do List – Organize Documents

CasePacer can help you organize your cases in several different areas. Save the stress and weight of paper files and keep all your records in one place and your desk clear of clutter. Make your system more efficient and your workflow process streamlined. 

A To-Do List of things to get organized and make this possible:

Documents: The best way to be prepared for any legal proceeding is by ensuring that all of your documents are stored in an organized manner. You should have a system that goes along with proper naming conventions and subtypes, this will help you sort out what’s needed at hand during the process like depositions or trials.

Evidence: Tracking the evidence you ordered from several different entities can be time-consuming and tedious. CasePacer allows you to track your evidence in one place and simply check a box once received. This saves you from having to keep separate lists of what you ordered, from whom you ordered, and if you received it. 

Medical Records: Keeping track of medical records and medical records summaries just goes 10 times easier. Instead of using spreadsheets to summarize and add up billing totals, you can simply enter your data into CasePacer and let it organize the information for you. This leaves less room for error due to complex excel functions or simply not knowing how to use it properly. An automated task/tickler system is also key to increasing To-Do Lists and productivity.

Creating your own To-Do List to personalize your firm is a great step forward to integrating your Case Management software. Include your staff for suggestions on how they work and good processes for the entire team. This will help keep your desk clear of unnecessary clutter and your firm moving forward to a more productive and effective practice. 


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