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Customer Success Team (Paralegals)

customer success team

A customer success team will support you when implementing your case management software. From training and answering questions to fixing issues when they arise. CasePacer loves helping make sure your transition and support are the best possible. That’s why we use paralegals. They kno …

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Automated Document Creation

Automating and organizing your templates is one of the best investments you can make. CasePacer generates professional and consistent case documents across your firm with just a few clicks.

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Track Case Expenses

No matter your expense tracking needs, CasePacer is here to manage your client spend and manage your clients expectations.

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CP Direct - CasePacer Helpful Videos

CP Direct is a mobile application that your plaintiff can use to communicate with you directly. This allows you to ask them questions, request data and any additional communications that will automatically be added to the CasePacer file, so you save time and manage all your cases as e …

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Pricing | Our pricing is unique and more profitable.

Our pricing is unique and allows your firm to be more profitable. You only pay for what you use. Everyone has access, like it should be.

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Document Management

Discover how document management with CasePacer is easy to use and meets your needs, even for the most complicated of personal injury cases.

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Hear from an attorney about her experience with Case Pacer!

Hear from an attorney about her experience with Case Pacer

Regina discusses how Frantz Law Group has used CasePacer extensively in their mass tort practice to help the group become more efficient, reduce data entry errors, and keep track of dialogue with clients. She also touches on how CP Direct has been an essential tool, with wild fire cas …

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