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CEO, Tony Petrucciani, on CP Direct

Offer clients ease of use and convenience that's rare in the legal world with an app that allows plaintiffs to upload documents, files, images, and videos directly from their mobile devices. CP Vantage is the analytics solution you've been waiting for - business intelligence that will …

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CP Vantage: Reporting Made Easy

CP Vantage is a reporting tool. So, if you want to create a report, CP Vantage is the tool to use. With CP Vantage, you don’t have to program or know how to “code” a report. You can drag and drop information into a report, and easily build it yourself. So, it allows you to build pie c …

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Cloud versus Onsite

Managing your system onsite or on the cloud offers different benefits and drawbacks. This video outlines the various pros and cons of deciding to use the cloud or locally onsite. There are various items you want to think about before deciding one over the other.

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Short Demo with Kevin McDowell

Kevin McDowell, the VP of Business Development, answers the top 3 pain points for law firms that he deals with. He walks through some insights into utilizing case management software, shows a couple of screenshots of how to deal with the top pain points, and gives some commentary on t …

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CP Hub: Desktop Storage On The Cloud To Organize Your Business Documents

Looking for a document storage solution? Check out our CP Hub demo video! In this short, informative clip, you'll learn how our software can help you store and manage your documents efficiently.

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CP Link: The Quick and Easy Way to Edit Documents from Your Browser

Need to make a quick edit to a document but don't have your editing software handy? Check out CasePacer’s CP Link! This easy-to-use tool lets you quickly and easily make changes to all sorts of documents, right from your browser.

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