CasePacer and Kenect Connect on New Texting Service

CasePacer and Kenect have partnered to add an amazing feature for CasePacer clients

CasePacer and Kenect have partnered to add an amazing feature for CasePacer clients to keep you in touch with their plaintiffs. The new feature will allow firms to communicate with their plaintiffs via text messaging from a business number, providing a more direct and personal way to connect with their plaintiffs on cases. Incorporating the Kenect platform into our software will further assist CasePacer clients in providing a more enhanced customer service experience while automating more processes for the firm and ultimately saving you time and money. Texting is the hottest new trend for law firms, and when used strategically, can ultimately generate more revenue. 

Casepacer clients can capitalize on Kenect features integrated into the software to: 

Generate Online Reviews
Requests sent via text from Kenect for reviews are responded to 30x more than emails. Word of mouth is still one of the biggest, if not best, marketing tools out there. Reviews help legitimize your firm to prospective plaintiffs and ultimately bring in more business. 

Send Automated Reminders
Reminders can be automated to send for depositions, litigation phase changes, meetings, and even birthdays. Ensure your client never misses a court date again. 

Obtain More Leads
The Kenect web widget can be used on your website to allow site visitors to text your firm directly. Prospective plaintiffs can have their initial questions answered quickly, and have an immediate customer service touch, while you capture their information and are able to reach out further to see if there is a fit. 

Streamline Communication
Plaintiffs feel more connected to your firm when you are able to automate some of the recurring touch points required when handling an active case.

CasePacer is thrilled to be able to add a text messaging platform to the robust features of the CP case management software. This provides our clients with one more tool to keep cases moving and streamline efforts across the board.

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