CasePacer Announces Partnership with Text Messaging Platform Kenect

Indianapolis, IN – CasePacer, a leading provider of legal case management software, is launching a partnership with text messaging platform Kenect. The new feature will allow law firms to communicate with their plaintiffs via text messaging from a business number, providing a more direct and personal way to connect with their plaintiffs on cases. 

Incorporating the Kenect platform into their software will further assist CasePacer clients in providing a more enhanced customer service experience, while automating more processes for the firm and ultimately saving time and money. Kenect features integrated within the CasePacer software will include text reminders for depositions, hearings, and litigation phase changes in the case. Additional Kenect features that CasePacer clients will have access to include scheduling consultations, sending invoices, video chat, and the ability to send and receive photos, videos, and attachments vital to cases. 

“We are thrilled to add yet another feature to our software that helps firms streamline communication with their plaintiffs and automate more processes, so they can get back to practicing law,” said VP of Business Development Kevin McDowell. “We strive to be a partner to our clients that allows them to continually innovate and differentiate themselves through technology.” 

CasePacer’s legal case management software is intelligent; automating workflows, simplifying document management, and using patented tickler technology to streamline tasks and continually move cases forward.


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