Paralegal – The Law Firm’s True SuperHero

This week is Paralegal Week in several states.  As a former paralegal, I know how hard we work to make sure our attorneys can perform at their best and keep trials as seamless as possible. A paralegal is truly a law firm’s Superhero. They have the top organization skills, are quick on their feet, and always think one step ahead of you before you know what attorneys are needed.

CasePacer is the Robin to your Superhero fighting in your office every day. We all know the best sidekicks are partners and there by your side:

  • They can prevent missing SOL dates, calendaring and organizing your firm’s calendars, updating deadlines, and adding reminders for your firm.  
  • They reduce the trial prep scramble by organizing documents, cataloging, and making lists to create an organized process for your team to work on their cases. 
  • They are the ones communicating with plaintiffs and creating relationships with your clients. The paralegal knows the plaintiff and their family members by their first name and can help them feel comfortable during often hard times. 
  • Lastly, keep the attorney’s time free for strategy instead of paperwork. They are doing all the behind-the-scenes dirty work, like summarizing medical records and making extra phone calls to ensure you have the correct police report, records, or photos needed for your client’s case.

CasePacer can assist and be your paralegal’s sidekick to help your paralegal to perform at their tip-top level by assisting with tracking all the above items and more.  

When you have a Superhero, you want to equip them to ensure success for you and those they are fighting for, so why not give them the Case Management Software to put them and you in that scenario? At CasePacer, we like to think we are partnering with you to win the case and our Customer Success  Team (comprised of Paralegals) is there for you every step of the way.


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